on success

11 April 2014

What does it mean to be "successful"? Is it entering a certain income bracket? Lining up your accolades on the mantlepiece? Being especially good at one thing, or very good at many?

I've always been ambitious, someone who wanted to be the best at whatever they did. When I was younger and did ballet (which I adored), one day my teacher gave pointe shoes to everyone in the class but me. She later explained to my mum that my feet and legs were not strong enough yet, but at the time, I remember feeling the wind knocked out of me with such a sense of failure and disappointment.

The thing is, those moments never get easier. Those moments you define yourself as a failure, that just as you think you've climbed up and can see the top where the view promises to be all worth it, you lose your grip and fall and you lie there at the bottom, not knowing why you bothered in the first place.

But there is success in trying, and there is success in overcoming your fears, putting your pride on the line, in trusting yourself and pushing yourself. And there is certainly success in having no regrets because of the things you didn't do.

That's my idea of success, I think.


  1. Yes, yes, yes to all of this! People run into many problems when they use someone else's definition of success as their own. I think success should be defined uniquely to each individual and that as long as you stay true to your personal definition; that's when you are truly successful. Takes a little bit of soul searching... Resilience is key :)

  2. agree 100%! i've also always been ambitious, so i can definitely understand how you feel. but you put it perfectly - yes success is in achieving all of that!! i really need to remind myself that more :)

    rachel x

  3. I really needed to read this right now. Thank you<3 I agree with you about success; I think if you're courageous enough to put pride on the line and risk failure for something you're passionate about then you've made it. For me, success is also about feeling happy in whatever I'm doing. I don't need a certain paycheck or anything...I want to be happy and feel fulfilled.

  4. This is great and defenatly something to think about. Thankyou!
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    Renee x

  5. Success is different to a lot of people. It is what you want it to be I suppose. To me, success is being proud and happy about where I am and what I did. I don't think it would it would be classified as being a success if you for example, you reach that pinnacle position, only to be unhappy and disgruntled. Anyway, that's a conversation to be had with a bottle of wine lol.

  6. I really wish that I saw success in the same way as you did. I think I should, but I still see it as income/career based. I also justify it by thinking that you can earn less if you're happier... but I definitely still judge others to a certain degree.

    7% Solution

  7. I actually never try to measure up against the perceived notion of success- material possessions, mortgages etc- and instead see people as they are. Are they happy? Are they good people? I've worked in advertising and seen alot of unhappy, horrible but wealthy people. I've worked for charities and gotten to know low paid but happy and centred individuals. It makes me think- who's the successful one here? I'll pick happiness, every time!

  8. This is a lovely little post.

    Success should be so personal, unfortunately for many people they feel like they have to measure up against someone else. Be happy with what you set for yourself and yourself alone!

  9. I love this post - I definitely need to remember it. x


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