a saturday in London

15 April 2014

After a sightly challenging week, it was time to chill the heck out and have a nice day in town food, strolls and good company.

We started with a delicious lunch with our friend Y at Royal China, which I enjoyed camera-less - I highly recommend their lobster noodles (it's not on the Dim Sum menu, but Y knew they could whip it up)!

Followed by a relaxed wander around Kensington Gardens and Hyde Park. The birds were out to play (I find them beautiful from afar and a scary up close. Anyone else?).

And then we hopped on the tube to the Southbank, to check out the Real Food Festival as it had set up shop again.

They had quite a few things we would have loved to try, had we not been stuffed with dim sum (like the duck confit burger...) but I did have a sneaky lemon & sugar crêpe which fit just fine in my dessert stomach.

On the way home, we did a big grocery shop for a monumental brunch the next day (more on that in a couple of days!), and I sat on my bum while E worked up a sweat in the kitchen.

A day well spent.


  1. Beautiful pictures, I'm gelous, i want to be there too :)

  2. Gosh, that food all looks incredible! I was tempted to pop to Hyde Park on Saturday but we ended up wimping out. And lobster noodles are just my favourite thing ever. (:

    - Michelle @ Daisybutter.com

  3. i love randomly running into food festivals and markets. it happened a few times when we'd venture out to do something else and get side tracked. i love that picture right under the ferris wheel. so breathtaking!

  4. Lovely photos, all that food looks amazing!:)

  5. Beautiful photos! And I'm with you on the bird thing!

  6. *dribble*

    Delicious photos!

    Caroline x

  7. Hope you're ok and that this week will be better than the last one! Looks like you had a lovely saturday though :) xx

  8. Amazing and the food looks great!

    Birds are just fine from afar! I'd rather them not get so close lol. when I was pregnant with my son I was attacked by a hawk because I got to close to the tree that her nest was in.

    How am I suppose to know birth? So I'd rather all those birds of prey stay away from me.

  9. COMPLETELY agree about birds! I hate them so much, they look like scary dinosaurs and their feet and beaks gross me out.

    I can't believe you ate a restaurant camera free wow haha. But I'm glad you took all these lovely pictures of the park! So stunning. I MISS FOOD MARKETS so so so much.

  10. Ah the dessert stomach. I'd love to know if there's any actual science between your stomach being able to handle different types of food, or if everyone is just really into dessert, because everyone I know (myself included) has a dessert stomach!

    B xx


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