19 April 2014

I have three very close girlfriends, two of whom I went to school with and have been friends with since I was 14. Us three have been through a lot together (one of them was my roommate in boarding school for over 4 years), we've had our ups and downs, but we've grown up through all of that as a simultaneously fragile and strong unit. And a few days ago saw us sitting on the Southbank, celebrating the engagement of S, such an exciting and happy time.

One of the best things I have in this life are true, loyal, honest and steadfast friendships. Like all good things, they require work, they go through rough patches and they can be complicated. My friends are interesting, opinionated, intelligent, sincere and challenging. And that's what makes me so, incredibly lucky to have what I have - I don't know how I would go through life without them.

Tell me the most important thing you look for in a friendship. We could all learn something.


  1. You're absolutely right, true friendships require work and sometimes goes through more turmoil than you would have ever expected. I suppose the test of a true friendship are those where you both work at it and don't give up and move on. True friendships are hard to come by so I'd like to think we should cherish them when we find them.

  2. No matter how far away we are or how much time passes, whatever the circumstance, I love that my friends always keep it real with me. I can talk to them about anything and I know that they aren't judging me. We all come from very different cultural backgrounds and I love that everyone is so supportive and open to trying and learning new things from each other, especially as we continue to develop individually with each passing year :)

  3. I lost touch with a lot of friends when I moved to England… Such a shame! I still have one best friend though. I've known her since I was around 13 or 14. We went to school together, studied in the same city at uni, moved to England at the same time and then she moved back to France and then to another country. She's got to travel every few years for her job but somehow it still works for us because we both have wanderlusting minds. I sometimes feel like a lot of my friends back home never really understood my desire to travel and live abroad. Someone that can understand it and that is generally on the same wave length than me is essential. I also love that my best friend and I know each other really well and we can just be ourselves wholeheartedly. We're very different but never judgemental.

    Friendship is hard work though I'll give you that!

  4. Firstly, what wonderful pictures! That blue sky <3
    Secondly, what a lovely post. Female friendship is so often overlooked...I don't know what I'd do without my best friends from school either. Something about spending every day together for years creates a strong, intimate bond, I think. In friends, I think I look for honesty, loyalty and not taking oneself too seriously! I bet you're a lovely friend to have (and I count myself lucky to call you an online friend :) - sorry to be sappy!!) xx

  5. You're so right and such a wonderful post! I have friends that although I don't speak to them everyday as soon as we have a chat on the phone to chat it's as though we've never been apart. Unfortunately most of mine don't live near me anymore, but it somehow makes it all the more special when we do meet up.

    P.s. lovely photos!

  6. such a lovely lovely post. for me, the most important aspect about friendship is that they are there for you through the good times and the bad. i had times when i thought certain people were my friends because they were there when i was sad but when i was happy and had things to celebrate they got jealous and made me feel horrible about my happiness. i couldn't help but wonder if those people were actually enjoying the fact that i was sad so they could "take care" of me and give me endless advice about how i should live.. that's when i realized then that friends are happy for you and they know how to be sad with you. and i always am the same way to my friends as well. :)

  7. This is very beautiful, dear. I love your style...not too wordy but still very meaningful and touching. My answer to your question has definitely changed over the years, and maybe this is over simplified, but in a friendship I look for someone who cares about me. I am very prone to being walked all over...I'm a typical yes-man and I have problems having a backbone. That being said, I look for people that will really care about me the way I care for them and not use me. I want people that will help me come out of my shell, not people that keep me in it.


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