brunch at dishoom

16 October 2014

Dishoom had been on my to-try list for so long now, for their well-known brunch in particular. It just seemed that every time I remembered, it would be Saturday evening, and of course they were already booked up for Sunday brunch. This time, as we were booking a ticket for an exhibition (more on that in a couple of days, and it was an amazing one), we reserved a table for brunch well in advance and finally got to see what all the fuss was about.

We already knew what we wanted to try - their popular Naan Rolls, stuffed with your breakfast food of choice (bacon, sausage, egg). Having seen that they get their bacon from The Ginger Pig, one of the best butchers in London, we had to go for the egg & bacon. We also wanted to try out their Bombay Omelette and got a plate to share - clearly we were hungry.

Sidenote: yes, I chopped my hair off! Well, not me, but a hairdresser at Baroque which is my salon of choice (a Japanese hairdressers and they are wonderful). It was down to my waist so it's cut my blow-dry time by half, which was reason enough for a bit of a change!

Back to the food. The naan was flippin' fantastic. Neither of us could stop raving about it, and the tomato chutney that comes with it just puts it over the edge. Original yet simple, flavourful, and all about quality ingredients. We loved them. 

Unfortunately, the omelette in comparison was a let-down - it was barely seasoned, and although the eggs were clearly fresh and delicious, it was just a bit bland. I was quite full and didn't eat much of it, but E managed half of it and chomped down on a big piece of egg shell! A bit unexpected but it can happen to the best of us, and they were very apologetic about it and took the dish off our bill. The naan rolls were so good that this error was pretty easy to overlook.

We are definitely going to go back for lunch or dinner one of these days, as their main menu looks delectable. I loved the atmosphere and decor of the place too - like a Bombay brasserie with a modern and stylish twist. 

We've certainly made our way around the St. Martin's Lane/Courtyard area, having been to Jamie's Italian, Suda & Cantina Laredo. And now with Marcus Wareing's new restaurant Tredwell's, it's a real foodie's corner!

You can have a look at the menu and other details on Zomato.


  1. Your hair looks great! I've been meaning to get to Dishoom for ages for lunch or dinner, I wasn't aware they did brunch!

  2. This looks so so good, it's nice to find places that do brunch with a twist!

    Love the hair, it really suits you. A brave decision that paid off!

    Chloe x

  3. Right, those naan rolls are killing me. I want them right now! x

  4. I love Dishoom, have only been there once but went with such a big group that we got to try almost everything. Their brunch looks so good!

    Rosie xx

  5. Your hair looks great! I had a Japanese hairdresser when I lived in NY and she was amazing. And I totally miss her. And Dishoom looks like a fantastic place. Always down for brunch :)

  6. Wowie, you look lovely with your new haircut! So fresh c:
    I really want to eat those naan rolls! Bummer to hear
    about the omelette and that E. found a piece of an egg
    shell as well! Xx

  7. Mm naan. There are few foods better than naan!

  8. You should definitely go back for dinner - their food tastes as lovely as it sounds on the menu. My personal favourite is their black daal, which I recommend to pretty much everyone who has the patience to listen to me raving about Dishoom :P Look forward to finding out if you try it!

  9. Aw I'm sorry to hear that about the eggs! That's why although they're such a simple thing to make a thing like salt and being careful when cracking the eggs makes a huge difference in the end!

  10. I love your hair Miho! You suit the chop so well :) A couple of years I went much shorter than my standard elbow-length style, just below the shoulders, and I couldn't get over how amazingly light my hair felt when I brushed it, tied it up and washed it! It takes so little time to dry! So unadventurous with mine - so respect to you for changing it up! Your naan rolls look delicious - I love the idea of eating brunch at nice restaurants! And how lovely of them to have the grace to apologise and discount the omelette dish from your bill. That's good service right there! x

  11. Your hair is soooo amazeeeeeeeeeeee I can't get over it!! It makes me want to cut mine and that's saying something because I love my long hair haha. But the interior looks really nice, I love the mirrors and the plates are so pretty! That's really nice they took the eggs off your bill...I'm never brave enough to complain about the food but I think a shell would convince me haha.


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