tortilla pizza

26 April 2014

I know that there have been some seriously indulgent cooking going on around these parts, and I have felt a lot of sympathy for a few of you who have commented saying, "I'm on my wedding diet and you're killing me!", or something along those lines.

I feel for you. I didn't really go on a wedding diet (quite frankly, I was stressed enough with other things that being in tiptop shape wasn't my priority), but I did definitely try to be as healthy as possible. But, as fully evidenced on this blog, I love my food - and being cranky from hunger is one of my least favourite things.

So here's a little healthy-ish idea that might curb your craving for pizza, that you can whip up in no time.

I can't even remember where this idea came from, but my mum and I often made these as a quick lunch/dinner alongside some salad. 100% customisable, budget-friendly, and most importantly - deceivingly delicious.

Preheat the oven to 180-200 degrees celsius, depending on how your oven is. Take a wholewheat tortilla, and top it with some tomato sauce. If you're really in a pinch, you can use a jar sauce, but I prefer to avoid them when I can due to the sugar/preservatives etc. It's so easy to make your own tomato sauce - put a can of chopped tomatoes on simmer with whatever herbs/seasoning you desire, and reduce for about 15 minutes.

Top your own personal pizza with anything you fancy! On this day, we had some piri piri chicken and peppers in the fridge, so we used those up - but you could use pesto, salami, artichokes, spinach... anything goes.

Of course, you can't not have cheese on pizza, however healthy you're being. Although it's completely unauthentic, I used mature cheddar, because the stronger the cheese the less you need for the flavour.

Pop in the oven for about 10-15 minutes (depending on the toppings), add some freshly ground black pepper, and dig in!

I'm not going to lie - it's not exactly like pizza. Not the super doughy, super cheesy, super decadent kind that you might get at an Italian pizzeria. But, as a fan of the thin crispy base myself, this does the trick without leaving you with a food baby - win win.


  1. haha that's the same thing on my blog. Most of my new posts seem to be about eating lately! Oh well, I love my food too :) Your pizzas look yummy. I always struggle with making my own pizza dough or the ones I found in supermarkets here in england so a tortilla sounds like an alternative to try! xx

  2. My mom and I used to do tortilla pizzas all the time when I was growing up. I'll have to whip these back out again and add it to our menu. PS- I love your ring! Beautiful!

  3. Omggosh I saw this on your Instagram today and
    I thought, how can pizza be healthy..... now I
    see why c: Xx

  4. Yumm!! That's an awesome idea, I like the idea and especially since it cuts back on the carb!

  5. it's an amazing idea, i saw the picture in your instagram and i was like 'omg i want to eat that now' hahaha

  6. Oh yummm, it looks crispy and delicious! What a lovely pizza ;)

  7. haha!!! That's me with the wedding diet!! Thanks for a waistline-friendly post!!
    Lots of love,

    SilverSpoon London

  8. oh wow. yum. i like the idea of making your own sauce. we always use ones in the jar.

  9. I agree with Jane, I would have gone for the jar because I didn't know it was this easy to make tomato sauce! These look absolutely incredibleeee. I know I say this every single time you post recipes but I really do have the full intention of making these all one day! It


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