walpole park

28 May 2015

So, just the other day I told you about WA café (still an obsession for us by the way, we go there at least once a week to grab something) and how it's the number one reason we never want to move from this area. Well, we've recently discovered yet another local gem that has us convinced that the universe wants us to stay here forever.

Although I'd actually walked past Walpole Park before, because the park itself is closed off, I always assumed that it was private property. But one sunny evening, we decided to go and see if it was accessible - and it was. We kicked ourselves for not having gone there sooner, because it's a charming park and so quiet, too. It's tucked away from the busy roads and is the perfect place to have a picnic in the sunshine.

The little canal, the fountain, the little kids' playground (which I want to play in, obviously), and the large, open grassy space makes it pretty perfect in every way. There is a path going around it, which E and I plan to try going for a run on soon (probably better for our lungs than running around the common with the surrounding traffic). There were children playing, couples lying on the grass, friends drinking and eating as the sun lowered and cast that gorgeous golden glow over the trees... it's all very picturesque! 

Here's what I suggest. Come to Ealing on a sunny day, grab a couple (or a whole basket-load - seriously, you won't regret it) of treats from WA café, and set up camp in Walpole Park with a bottle of bubbly. I honestly cannot imagine anything better. 

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