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08 May 2015

When we were flat-hunting a year and a half ago, it was a nightmare - as all Londoners will well know. We have specific requirements for the kind of flat we need to live in for our work - which meant that it automatically ruled out many nice, cheaper alternatives - and we were on the hunt for 3 weeks, looking at properties nearly everyday. But now that we've been living in our area for a good while, we are so, so happy to have chosen it as our home, and we constantly tell each other how much we enjoy living here.

The many perks include excellent transport links, living on a quiet residential street right around the corner from all the shops, banks and other essentials that we could possibly need, being surrounded by several green areas including a convenient running path through one of them, and good places to eat just a few minutes' walk away.

But now. Now, we have the number one reason why we love living here... the thing that will bind us to this area for life... and I'm only very slightly exaggerating. Meet our delicious neighbour, WA café.

I actually discovered this place entirely by accident, as it's on the other side of the station that I don't ordinarily walk past. I spotted it whilst on the bus, and when I hopped off, I went over to check what it was. And I was ridiculously excited to find that it was a beautiful Japanese café and bakery. 

One of the things I love most about my home country, of course, is the food. They obviously have all the Japanese food perfected, but they also do Western food like no other place. Their bakeries and patisseries are consistently gorgeous, and WA café is the best of its kind that you will find in this continent, I'm convinced of it.

From their impeccable cakes to the authentic "curry bun" (fried buns with Japanese curry inside), their matcha lattes and their huge gourmet sandwiches with homemade bread, E and I have loved every bite that has come out of this café and we have fallen hard for them. They make and bake everything on site, and each item comes out as they are freshly made in the kitchen.

The café itself is minimally decorated but beautiful nonetheless, but as we live so close, we've taken most of what we've tried to-go. And I'm slightly embarrassed to see the photos of all the things we've already eaten from here... but I have to be honest in my reviews! Yes, we have tried all of the following (though my sister was visiting recently and some of them were eaten with and taken by her, ok?), and yes, we loved every single thing. 

Here's a rundown of the items you'll drool over below, in order:
Japanese Curry Bun
Matcha Roll Cake
Mini Chicken Kara-age Roll
Sakura Cake
Chicken Katsu Sandwich
Chicken Teriyaki Sandwich
White Sesame Cheesecake
Azuki Bean Twist
Soufflé Cheesecake
Choux Cream Trio (with black sesame, matcha and vanilla custard)
Chocolate & Praline Cake
Matcha Latte
Ham & Cheese
Chicken Teriyaki Mayo
Melon Pan

Although it looks like we must have cleaned out the place, I promise that a) these were all spread out across several weeks (how many counts as several? 3?) and b) we've probably only tried about half of what they offer, which has me very excited. They change up their items daily, and I'm pretty sure that within the next few months, we'll have eaten our way through their whole menu. 

I think that this must be the most glowing review of any place I've every written on WTW - but they are fully deserving of it. I have no doubt that they'll only continue to get more and more popular, and there is no better feeling for us than to know that we are supporting an independent, local business while stuffing ourselves silly with such deliciousness.

It may seem far on the map (and it will be far if you live in East London - sorry!), but it's only 20 minutes away from Bond Street, 20 minutes from Earl's Court, 10 minutes from Paddington, and if you're visiting London and landing in Heathrow, it takes 20 minutes on a direct train and you could be tucking into some of this. Just saying.

Do me a favour and go. And when you do, let me know and I might just pop over and join you.

32 Haven Green
W5 2NX
020 8991 7855

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