birthday boy

02 February 2015

Ancient photo from 2007 - E aged 23, me aged 19.

To you, he's the guy who cooks up impressive dishes and is a trooper with my shutterbug tendencies (and who a bunch of you are trying to persuade to start a supper club!).

But to me, he's the guy who...

always speaks to me nicely, even if I'm naggy/moody/grumpy/all of the above
thinks dad jokes and bad puns are hilarious
didn't change it back when I secretly made this blog his browser home page
is patient with my sporadic laundry (I do laundry, he does the bins, everything else is fair game)
sings unapologetically in the shower
loves watching French political debates
always makes the best of any situation
can't find anything that's right in front of him
compliments me outrageously whenever I cook, even if it's just salad dressing (I realise that this is
just to encourage me to cook more)
unfailingly puts my happiness before his, all the time.

Happy Birthday, E - I love doing life with you.

p.s. make him a happy 31 year old by following his brand new Instagram! I persuaded him to join, but I had second thoughts when, despite being a techno geek, he found it as complicated as my granddad would. 

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