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18 February 2015

So, I briefly mentioned that I was loving a certain cookbook at the beginning of the month, and that I couldn't wait to talk about in more detail. Well, today's the day!

To inspire myself to do more in the kitchen, I was looking for a cookbook that was healthy, fairly easy but still interesting. After much deliberation and reading of reviews, I put my faith in A Modern Way to Eat - and I could not have chosen better.

Anna Jones is trained by Jamie Oliver, and is a food stylist and writer. She has a beautiful blog and you can find a few of her recipes online, if you want to try them out first. So as you might expect, the photos in the book are gorgeous and the aesthetics on the whole are exactly the style that I enjoy.

What I really appreciate about A Modern Way to Eat, is that it's healthy, without being too extreme. There is no meat in any of the recipes, but she does use eggs, cheese and plenty of healthy fats and proteins, which is the kind of healthy that I aim for day to day. It also means that E, who is not even remotely interested in a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle, still enjoys these recipes as they're still so satisfying and substantial without including meat.

I've tried about 5-6 recipes from the book, which (for me) is a lot in such a short space of time. And what's more, they've all been winners! Some of them are pictured below, although possibly my favourite (Charred Pepper & Halloumi Stew) is not - I think I was too hungry to take a photo of it...

I know that books like the Hemsley + Hemsley & Deliciously Ella ones are also very popular right now (I actually have the Deliciously Ella one, but I prefer this one), but if you're after something similar, do consider A Modern Way to Eat. I highly recommend it - one of my friends has already bought it after much raving from me!

If this kind of cooking is something you enjoy, do you have any cookbook recommendations for me?

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