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11 September 2014

A couple of weeks ago, when I got a last minute invite to an intriguing 6 course pop up dinner that was completely sold out, I was quite excited (to put it mildly) - thanks again Emma for thinking of me! (You should definitely check our her blog - I finally got to meet her after reading her blog for a good while.)

It was at Carousel which is a venue that hosts various events and pop ups, and the dinner was presented by The Art of Dining, who are an amazing pair that combine art and food for a truly unique experience. Our table of 8 bloggers was hosted by the lovely designer Di of Rainbow Club Shoes and Claire (such a great host and made everyone feel at home!) from Octane PR Girls.

The concept of the dinner is that every course is colour themed, including the food, decor, lighting, music and drinks. We were presented on arrival with our "Green" cocktail, and everything looked, well, green. We had neat little notes of the menu, as well as the one Rainbow Club made to match it, talking about what different colours say about you.

We had arrived a little early to say hi to each other, but slowly people started arriving and the place was filled up in no time. 

It was time for food!

Here are all the courses that we were given:

So first up, green course. 

Yes, I am aware that the food just looks like questionable green stuff. It may be a fun idea, but not exactly a food blogger's dream! No matter, this is all part of the fun. The dish was delicious, and came with a sauce in a paint pot with a paint brush. Nice creative touch!
Up next, possibly the favourite of the majority at our table - the soup. The white course was more of an ultra-violet course! 

This was something special. The garlic, the perfect consistency, the lardon and almonds... it was dreamy.

And of course, when you're with fellow snap-happy bloggers, this happens between courses.

Then came the yellow course - the fish was beautifully done and very flavourful, and the whole dish was quite fresh and light. But the portion was pretty generous...

And I loved the decor of this course! Gorgeous sunflowers.

Did I mention that we had to tear the tablecloths between each course too? They really went all out with the colour theme! It was a miracle that no one spilt anything, actually.

I said that they were taking the theme seriously, so of course when it came to the black course, we could hardly see a thing.

We were given some quite lethal cocktails (they look as hardcore as they tasted!), and I realise that the dish looks like some kind of alien plant, but it was actually fantastic. Flavourful aubergine and an unusual take on it. 

Last but not least, dessert. The orange polenta cake was so good, I definitely want to try making something similar at home. 

I know that I haven't gone into too much depth about the food - it's only because there is so much to cover in this post what with the unusual twist of it all. The food was honestly very impressive and they do an amazing job to feed so many of us at that high a standard.

The other thing I can't not mention is that on top of this amazing meal and get together that Rainbow Club Shoes hosted, we were also lucky enough to choose a style and colour of our very own shoes, hand dyed to order!

Hello, Christmas come early.

While the girls opened them up after the dinner with big grins on their faces...

...mine were not quite ready yet, so I waited patiently for them to be sent to me by post, and they came only a couple of days later.

Look at these beauties: (excuse my dodgy tan lines from holiday sandals...)

I chose the classic pointed toe court style in a lovely midnight blue shade. Now, I am obviously not saying this just because I was gifted them, but they are beautiful. Not just in looks, but they are so comfortable, incredible quality, the perfect heel height and rich in colour. I'm already looking forward to wearing them to a wedding soon (actually, I'll already be on my way there when this post goes live!). 

Somehow, I was under the impression that satin shoes were iffy in quality, but clearly I hadn't been looking at the right ones. Rainbow Club Shoes do a hand dyeing service, where you can pick the style of shoe you like, and then give them the exact colour you want them to be in - whether from their palette on their site, or even an object you own that you want them to match it to, as they mix their own colours. 

I honestly would highly recommend them, especially for a special occasion or an outfit you just need the right shoes for - they have not asked me to write about them, or give a detailed review - I just love my shoes that much! You can read more about them on their site

That was a bit of a food/art/fashion marathon! I hope you enjoyed reading about it as much I did devouring the dinner - I'm probably prancing around in my beautiful navy heels right about now.

disclaimer: the evening and shoes were courtesy of Octane PR Girls and Rainbow Club Shoes. all opinions are my own. 


  1. What a fantastic idea :) Blogger photography nightmare though, I get so so frustrated in a slightly dark restaurant when my photos all look rubbish, don't think I'd be very good at photographing an entirely green restaurant ... looks amazing though :D

    Chloe x

    1. I feel your pain! more often than not, I check out the lighting of a restaurant as soon as I step in ;) x

  2. Wahhh this event looks super fun and delicious!
    This whole color palette theme is pretty original,
    but I'm not sure if I will have a headache seeing
    everything in green :') And that's really nice that
    you guys get a free pair of shoes as well! Where
    was I ;c Xx

    1. haha the lighting was definitely something to get used to! it was a lot of fun and very interesting x

  3. What a fun and unique theme! I love the color idea!

  4. I saw this on Emma's blog as well! Looks like an amazing night out, really intriguing!

    Saskia /

    1. i'll definitely give a heads up if i see something similarly curious going on in London! x

  5. That is so cool! So is it a collaboration between a shoe store and restaurant? Very creative and I love those shoes!

    1. they weren't actually officially collaborating, but Rainbow Club Shoes thought the whole event was so well synced with what their shop is about so it worked out perfectly! x

  6. First up - love the wordplay in this event's title, amazing! Such an incredibly cool concept, especially as apparently the colour of our food really affects how we perceive it. And your midnight blue shoes are DIVINE. I adore that colour, and the shape is so elegant - perfect for a wedding! Hope you're having fun in Provence, I look forward to seeing the photos :)

    Tamsin / A Certain Adventure xx

    1. haha i didn't even realise the wordplay!! how slow am I?! x

  7. This looks so so fun, and such a creative concept for a dinner! Also those shoes are certainly gorgeous and sorry if this is a weird compliment but your feet look really pretty in them hehe.

    1. haha i love weird compliments Marla ;) x

  8. I love all of your photos - so lovely! You really captured the evening :)

    It was so lovely to meet you as well, we'll definitely have to do something together again soon! x


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