picturesque provence

24 September 2014

We were recently down in Aix-en-Provence, to attend a wedding of one of E's childhood friends. The wedding itself was wonderful - quite intense, as we were up 'til close to 7am! - and it also gave us an excuse to soak in a bit of the summer sunshine we were missing in London. 

When people think of South of France, their minds often turn to the likes of St. Tropez, Cannes, Nice and all those well-known places - and while they're popular for a reason, the quaint and charming smaller towns in Provence are probably the true gems of the region. Aix is one of those places, and if you're visiting you could stay there for just a couple of days and feel like you've got to know it quite well - and you'll get to see the beautiful Saint Victoire, the mountain that was the muse for so many of Cezanne's paintings. There is a reason why we chose to get married there after all! (that and the small detail of it being E's hometown...)

The day before the wedding, we had a lovely day out in town with E's dad, eating ice cream and drinking iced coffee and inevitably, a sneaky Sephora trip for me! It was a gorgeous afternoon, and in the evening we headed to the bride-to-be's family home for a casual and fun dinner with families and friends. 

There is a direct train from Paris to Aix that takes about 2 hours, so if you're off to Paris any time soon with a bit of time to spare, I would highly suggest visiting Aix. The weather is usually stunning there all year round (it does get colder but it's more often than not very sunny!) and it is quite beautiful.


  1. Looks so gorgeous! It's lovely to go somewhere that's a bit less touristy, you get a better taste for a what a place is really like. I've never been to the South of France but would definitely like to go one day!

    Chloe x

  2. I adore Provence - how lovely that E is from there, you have an excuse to visit whenever you want! :) It's also the birthplace of Émile Zola, one of my all-time favourite authors - he and Cézanne were pretty tight in their youth. Being in that region always reminds me of Jean de Florette as well. I'm excited to see pictures of the wedding, if you're planning to post about it! xx

  3. I love your intros to these small quaint towns. Looks like a lovely place to visit!

  4. I never got to go to Aix sadly. It was on my list and I just never did it...shame on me! It looks beautiful. I miss France...the architecture is just so quaint and lovely. It looks like you were there at a perfect time...the sunshine through the tress, ahh!

  5. My your pictures are beautiful. I especially love the one looking up at the clock tower.


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