Lake Como :: Isola Comacina & Lenno

20 September 2014

Isola Comacina is a very small island on Lake Como, that we had heard good things about. The concept of having an island on a lake was intriguing to me, so we decided it was worth a trip to see what it was like.
First of all, it really is a small island. It takes about 30-40 minutes to get around the entire place, and that's at a leisurely pace. Secondly and to our surprise, you actually have to pay to look around - I think it was about 6 euros each or something like that. It seemed that they treated it more like an outdoor (and partially indoor) museum. 
We had a nice walk around the different sites and paths, including a chapel built in the 10th century which was quite impressive. 
Of course, as with all other places around the lake, the views were no less than spectacular.

If I was to be brutally honest though, I'm not entirely convinced that Isola Comacina is worth the visit. For two main reasons: 1) it takes a while to get there and it also costs extra for a ferry that stops there, and 2) the entry fee. It's not that the money itself is a huge amount, but it's just that even though it's an undeniably beautiful place, it lacked atmosphere for me and it's not somewhere you should feel the need to fit into a relatively short trip. However, I don't regret going - just my afterthoughts!

The other thing we had read about was what guide books call the Greenway Walk, which spans all the way from Colonno to Griante, a 3 hour 30 minutes walk on average. It seemed to be a route that takes you along the lake with wonderful views on a quieter and scenic path, which sounded pretty idyllic. We weren't quite up for the full length, but we did quite well - walking from Lenno to Menaggio, which took us over 2 hours!

We had a short stop at Lenno first, where we enjoyed some pasta and of course, more gelato - the "honey of the lake" flavour I had was out of this world!

The route of the Greenway Walk got slightly perilous at times - as in, walking on the side of a road with no pavement - but it was definitely a good "hike" without actually having to hike. And it's really quite impossible to get bored or tired when looking out at views like the above.

Plus, it works up your appetite for more pasta and gelato, which is never a bad thing.


  1. I hadn't heard of it. Looks stunning! Italy has to be one of my favourite countries in the world <3 xx

  2. It looks beautiful! Shame that you weren't quite sure whether it was worth it. The food sounds great though!

  3. It looks so beautiful and the food looks amazing!

  4. the little island sounds magical :) and that pathway even more!

  5. Hmmm I think would feel the same way about paying to enter the island especially after having to pay for a ferry as well.. However, from your photos it looks like you both had a great time exploring and hiking around! Also, you and your dress look ah-mazing!

  6. Lake Como looks so beautiful, but I couldn't help just stare at the pasta!! Mmm.. I'd die for a bit of authentic Italian pasta right now.

    Saskia /

  7. Yay, finally the post on your honey of the lake ice cream! I've been waiting for this one :) The Greenway Walk looks wonderful - so many beautiful vistas (even the topless old Italian man...:P) It's the only way to burn calories on holidays like this! I hope you tucked into an extra huge portion of pasta/pizza that night to compensate! xx

  8. Ok so I've literally had your posts open and read waiting to be commented on for like two weeks now so you're about to get a wave of comments haha brace yourself.

    Your photos are JUST BEAUTIFUL even if the trip wasn't really "worth it." I literally want to make these my wallpaper. I love that one of the gate in front of the house. Actually all the homes here are stunning. And also you're stunning :]


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