26 September 2014

When C and I decided to go for a girly mid-week dinner date, I suggested that we try Pix in Notting Hill (there are also other branches in Central and North London), because it seemed like a good choice for a dinner on the lighter side. I was trying to not overdo it before an inevitable amount of food and drink would be consumed in France over the weekend, and C wasn't after a heavy meal either.

I seem to be featuring C a lot on the blog lately! It's true though, we do spend quite a lot of time together, between our girls-only times and the get-togethers with the boys. I'm just lucky she puts up with my snap happy self! 

Anyway, onto the food. Pix offers an interesting experience, where you help yourself to canapé-style dishes that are on small or large sticks, the smaller being £1.95 and large ones £2.95. They count up your sticks at the end, so if you go very hungry and forget to keep track, it could add up to quite a large bill.

Aside from the original concept, the food was good - I could tell that the ingredients were high quality, and they had a fairly large variety of dishes to choose from. They also come out with new, freshly prepared ones so every time you go to the buffet, there's something different to try. We didn't have dessert that day, but some of them looked nice too, especially the churros!

As I said, I don't think it's an ideal place to go if you're after a filling and hearty meal - it would take a lot of sticks for J (C's fiancé) and E to get full! - but for a casual dinner or lunch with a girlfriend, it's a fun little place. It was quite busy for a wednesday night as well, so clearly it's a popular one for locals and after work drinks and nibbles.

We spotted that they have a £29.95 all you can eat deal on Sundays, eat & drink as much as you want for an hour and a half per table - that's actually not a bad deal if you go super hungry and super thirsty! 

Have you tried any original dining places like these lately?


  1. I could just imagine me taking Simon to somewhere that serves little bite size portions on sticks, I think he'd be like WHAT?!! It's a perfect place for a girlie lunch though, it looks amazing - I really love the concept!

    Chloe x

  2. I think I would go a bit crazy in a place like this! I love the idea but I can imagine my bill adding up to quite the sum, haha.
    Still, it all looks delicious, and I love Notting Hill.

    N xo


  3. I'm glad you posted this review Miho! When I lived in Ladbroke Grove I used to walk by it everyday coming home and was curious about it but never actually went in for a meal. I might just do now! Preferably on a not-too-hungry day :)

  4. I really want to try Pix but as you say, I'd be terrified I'd be whacked with a massive bill at the end! Might give the 'all you can eat' a try though - what better way to spend a hungover/hungry Sunday?!

    Becks xo

  5. I've been to the one in Covent Garden, it is a really fun concept, I love being able to try a little bite of everything!
    Lots of love,
    SilverSpoon London

  6. I've always been a bit reluctant to go here, mostly as I thought all the sticks were bread based so thought it was just one side sandwiches! Clearly not though, and their Sunday deal sounds fab :)

    Rosie xx

  7. The set up at PIC looks super ca-yute! I bet ya the place is super packed on Sundays with that all you can eat deal. Definitely a spot to check out with the girls :)

  8. I do love the concept of measuring out portions on sticks - you could have a bite of everything if you came fiscally (and mentally!) prepared :) Nibbles also sound ideal for catching up with girlfriends! Intrigued by the all you can eat deal *glutton face* xx

    Tamsin / A Certain Adventure

  9. This sounds like such an interesting concept and perfect for when you don't want a big meal. I love that it means you can try a lot of different things and it all looks so tasty!

  10. What a fabulous concept although I'd probably get carried away and end up with the large bill at the end haha! xx

  11. Looks delicious! One of the good things about living in Melbourne is that there are so few chain restaurants. Most of them are independents that are very original and super tasty!

  12. That's a really cool concept for a restaurant, but I can totally see myself accidentally building up a huge bill haha. But like you said, I think it looks perfect for a girls night for drinks and nibbles. The little labels are so cute!

  13. Sometimes, I really wonder where people get their ideas from! If someone just told me about this, I'd think they were nuts, but your pictures make it look delicious!


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