streets of paris

26 May 2014

Our few days in Paris have come to an end, and it was quite a jam-packed trip with E's work and time with family and friends - nevertheless, there was still some time to do a bit of exploring and I'm excited to share some snapshots with you in the coming few posts!

I don't look at Paris through rose-coloured glasses. It's undisputedly a very special city seeped in history and romance and culture, but E (who was born there and lived there when he was young) and I both agree that we would not choose to live there. Of course it's a very personal thing, the "chemistry" you can have with a city or country, but for us it's not somewhere we could imagine making our home.

Having said that, you absolutely cannot deny that there is a stunningly unique beauty to Paris, and I can't help but fall under its spell while being its guest. And while the famous landmarks and iconic places of interest are wonderful, it's the little street corners, the chic and tasteful shop window displays, the cobblestone streets lined with glass café windows, the balconies with hanging flowerbeds, and the general stunning architecture everywhere you look - those are the things that captivate me.

p.s. I loved those beautiful photographs on display, celebrating same sex marriage made legal in France.


  1. Ah Paris... I will be there in 2 weeks to see my family and some friends. Such a beautiful city! I can't wait. I'm not sure I could live there either though. It's so expensive! You've got to be able to live in the right areas as well. There are some parts of the city I'd never venture to. Anyway, lovely photos <3

  2. Love those photos, i'm going to paris this september, i can't wait :)

  3. I love Paris, but I see Paris through a pink, rosy glasses :P
    The photo exhibition about same sex marriage is lovely!

  4. I also love those photos celebrating same sex marriage! Yeah!

  5. Wonderful photos, I can not wait to go back to Paris :] x

  6. I love the display celebrating same sex marriages as well! That's certainly a thought provoking piece of street art, wonderful.

    Lovely pictures! Glad you enjoyed your visit! :)

  7. lovely pictures~ and yay for same sex marriage! :)

  8. Such beautiful photos! I was in Paris last year and I have to say it is not a city I particularly warmed to, but I can still appreciate why people like it so much.

  9. Getting chills looking at these pictures...I miss Paris so so so so much! It's seriously my favorite city ever. Ugh get me back. And yayyyyy same sex marriage! I love the photographs they put on display, so beautiful.


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