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12 May 2014

You might have seen this video doing the rounds recently, a) because it's very cool, and b) it's to promote the perfectly handy new product from Robinson's - portable squash! Quite ideal for the upcoming summer months which are ideal for picnics in the sunshine (hear that, Weather Woman?).

When I was asked to promote this video, I was a bit baffled at first - simply in that I had no idea what the award winning VFX team behind Gravity had anything to do with squash or juice or anything of the kind.

But then I watched the video, and it sucked me right in. (Funny, since they are trying to suck up squash in zero gravity...ok I'll stop.) See for yourself:

How much fun does that look?!

As I was watching it though, I couldn't stop thinking about how this team goofing around with straws and bubbles, created the amazing visual effects in Gravity and set such an incredible backdrop for that movie (you can read my review from when I went to see it here). It was honestly one of the most stunning things I'd ever seen on screen.

We have a big TV at home. Very big. E got it years ago when he had no wife to tell him to be sensible and get something not quite so... imposing.

Anyway, he was and is very passionate about it, because he loves cinema and likes to watch movies at home with the best quality possible.

This is all well and good, but we actually find ourselves hardly ever using the damn TV! We don't watch regular TV, and when we do watch movies or Netflix, it's usually on our laptops.

And this has inspired me to get a couple of blu-rays of movies with the very best visual effects, so we can get out of that habit. (First world problems.) At the top of my head, these have stood out to me in the past for being incredible in that regard (yes, E.T. was superb considering the engineering side of it was far less advanced!) -

clockwise l-r: via via via via 

Please recommend your favourite movies with great VFX and cinematography that we could watch, so that the mammoth TV can at least serve a purpose!

disclaimer: this post was sponsored by Robinson's Get Squash'd. all opinions are my own.

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  1. Omg congrats on a sponsored post! I think that's a definite sign of a growing blog :] I LOVED the video...you're right, it's really cool! And I hope someday Ilhan and I will have a ginormous tv that's just beyond reasonable haha.


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