snowflake gelato

10 May 2014

I've mentioned more than a few times now, that I can never say no to ice cream. It's the one thing, above chocolate or cake or cookies or anything else, that wins over this not-so-sweet-tooth of mine.

I had walked past Snowflake Gelato in a couple of different locations before, but finally it was perfect timing and I got to see what the fuss was about.

I honestly get giddy when I see all the pretty colours of the gelato lined up like this! My ultimate dream house would definitely have a gelato parlour.

Anyway, after much hmming and ahhing, I ended up choosing Pistachio & White chocolate, and Mint choc chip.

Truly decadent and delicious. I would say that the mint didn't pack quite the same punch as Gelupo, but it was still amazing and the pistachio rocked my socks.

Somewhere I can see myself frequenting in the (hopefully) warmer months to come... do any of you Londoners have a favourite ice cream place in the city?

And non-Londoners, what's your favourite ice cream flavour? I recently tried Ben & Jerry's Peanut Butter Cup, and I think I died and went to heaven.


  1. Wow this looks good ... another one to add to my "next time I'm in London" list. We have a lovely ice-cream parlour up here on the coast called "Beaches and Cream", it's so so good .. they use locally made ice-cream and make sundaes packed with fruit. There are a few more good ice-cream parlours in the North East that I've been told to try so hopefully I'll get round to going to them all in the Summer. I would say though that no matter how many ice-creams I've had nothing beats the gelato I had on holiday in Italy, we were having two cups a day just because the flavours were so good, there was too much to try!


  2. A gelato parlour in your own home? That sounds awesome!! Pistachio is my favourite flavour so I'll definitely have to give it a try :) xx

  3. I love the good ol' classic vanilla. But I also love coconut ice cream mmm!
    My go-to ice cream place is Black Vanilla - you should defo check it out if you like ice cream. They have their own website: (but there are a lot more ice cream flavours in store then the website suggests)

  4. Oh yeah high-5 girl, ice cream wins over everything c:
    Glad this place did you well, I also love lined up ice cream
    in tin boxes :P I tried a passion fruit sorbet from the
    brand 'Hero', its quite nice and really refreshing ^_^ Xx

  5. Ice cream parlours definitely need to be the next "in thing", if only so I have something more exciting than the frozen section in Tesco to peruse. Although I'm always pretty satisfied with a bowl of Mackie's Traditional - it's plain (no vanilla or anything) but so refreshing, and so good with a pile of fruit on top!

    B xx

  6. Never say no to ice-creams! My motto ;)
    Also a gelato parlour would be lovely and I'd probably have lots of cherry flavored ice-creams (and walnut ice creams!)

  7. Yumm! It was my dream for a long time to open my own ice cream parlour, although it's probably for the best I never did it because I'd probably end up eating all the ice cream and ending up looking fairly spherical hehe!

    Jennie xo |

  8. Yummy! We have a few gelato shops here in Heidelberg (which oddly turn into leather jacket stores during the winter months) but none have yet to knock my soaks off. Dare I say, perhaps I'm more of a cookies-n-cream ice cream kind of gal? Or, half-way bake brownies (so they're hot and gooey) along with plain old vanilla ice cream and I'm in a state of bliss. :)

    (Now I want dessert and it's not even 7AM) ;)

  9. Ohhhhhh, it's been too long since I've had icecream like this! It looks and sounds so damn good. I really would love some pistachio icecream now. My usual pick is something lemony and something chocolaty though.

  10. Yum! I recently tried licorice gelato in Italy and it was so amazing.

  11. Looks good! I tried the strawberry shortcake from the frozen yoghurt series of Ben&Jerry yesterday, it was very nice! :]

    P.s. Would you like to join the Running High series? I'm looking for runners for the coming months!

  12. there is a gelato place in dc that we like to frequent. so funny how you want a gelato parlour in your dream home! it sounds grand!

  13. I refuse to eat gelato here because I know it will be so far from the real thing that I'll just be infinitely disappointed, but when I was in Europe I was all about it! Although I'm really boring and no matter how many samples I try, 99% of the time I go for plain chocolate be it ice cream, gelato, frozen yogurt, cake, frosting...literally anything haha.


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