paris: st. germain, l'avant comptoir crêpes, jardin du luxemburg

28 May 2014

One of the main reasons I love reading other blogs, and why I started my own, is that you can discover new places, experiences, books, restaurants, food, and endless other things that you may not have otherwise.

The lovely Margo writes a wonderful travel blog, and when she wrote a post about Paris and suggested the little takeaway crêperie in St. Germain, it was a no brainer. We made a beeline for this tiny little place (next to the proper L'Avant Comptoir restaurant) and grabbed two huge crêpes to go. I went for the day's special - chicken, artichoke, egg, cheese and rocket, and it was so good! For only 6 euros, it was a bargain too.

We enjoyed them in the beautiful Jardin du Luxemburg a short walk away, where there was a live band playing popular tunes and the sun shone (for most of the time!).

I highly recommend this little lunch break idea - budget friendly, very pretty and quite romantic!


  1. You just made my day! So glad you loved the creperie as much as I did! :)

  2. looks delicious! and enjoying under crystal blue skies must've been even more romantic! gorgeous pictures miho!

  3. Miho, that crêpe place has gone straight on my to-do list for when A and I visit in July! It's giant! And such a good idea to enjoy one in the Luxembourg gardens, which I'd been planning to visit too. Thanks for the tip :) Also, much hair envy - yours is so shiny and healthy looking!

    Tam x | A Certain Adventure

  4. You are actually killing me...hsdghfslgjdfhgk. I miss France and Paris and crepes and EVERYTHING. SO MUCH. I just love the architecture there and I love your photos of the buildings. That jardin is gorgeous and the sky is just glorious! I want to teleport there haha.


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