26 September 2013

For Sunday lunch, E took me out for a special lunch. It's not somewhere we get to go often but we love it there.

Dim sum at Yauatcha.

We were seated upstairs, which feels a little more casual and airy than downstairs, where it's darker, slinkier and good for dinnertime.

With out pot of lovely jasmine tea, we ordered a feast.

Scallop siu mai, Chinese chive & prawn dumpling, Char siu bun, Cheung fun with prawns.

Followed by the immense Jasmine tea smoked ribs, pan-fried chicken dumplings & Stir-fried pork belly.

Without a doubt, the ribs were the star of the show. The meat just falls off the bone and the sauce is insanely good. I'm not even a huge ribs person, but this is a whole different story. The pork belly was also delicious, but E enjoyed most of it as I was getting very full at this point!

We wanted to walk around and make a little room for dessert elsewhere, but they have exquisite desserts on display (that taste equally good, from past experience).

As with dim sum anywhere, I think it's always good to go with a group of friends so that you get to try as many different dishes as possible. But it is an equally good spot for a date, or a cheeky weekday lunch with a girlfriend (they have a 28 pounds for 2 deal Mon-Thurs which looks amazing).

Go and try the ribs. You won't regret it.

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  1. This looks incredible! I'm always happy to try out new dim sum places :)

    Hmm maybe...

    1. you have to try it, it's really quite impressive x

  2. Looks soooo divine...I wish I lived in London haha.


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