Cantina Laredo

14 September 2013

To cut to the chase, you should go to this restaurant, order as much Guacamole as you can afford and call it a day.

Seriously. Their Guac is the best.

Not that the rest of their food is bad. In fact, it was really quite delicious.

We had both read great reviews about this restaurant, but somehow we'd chosen Jamie's Italian over this place on two separate occasions. I think that it was the slightly bland looking decor that put me off initially, but do not fear, the staff were very friendly and there was a nice atmosphere inside.

It was a Friday night so the place was understandably busy, and we were seated at the bar to wait for a little while. We decided to order some Guacamole to snack on while we waited - little did we know what a show stopper it would be.

Before the taste though, there's the theatrical presentation of the stuff. The lady came, set up a little table by our barstools, and made it infront of our very eyes.

We absolutely devoured this. They put some "secret spices" in there which is obviously something supernatural, because this stuff is so good and so very addictive. I would have been happy eating five bowls of this stuff.

But we did order some proper food. We chose the Del Mar Enchiladas, Pollo Cascabel Taqueria, and tomato and garlic rice on the side.

The servings looks deceivingly on the small side, but they were definitely filling. The Taqueria was so flavourful and perfectly seasoned, and the Enchiladas - wow. That sauce was a kind of seafood bisque-type wonder, and the filling was rich and delicious.

Our ordering was quite tame that evening, since we had already tucked into a few nibbles beforehand, but I can imagine going there with a few friends and sharing lots of different dishes. We were both so impressed with the food, we'll happily hit it up again.

I'm going to make it my mission to try and recreate that Guacamole at home!


  1. OK wow! Guac made in front of you?! Thanks so much for this, I've been looking for a place to suggest going for dinner this weekend and I think I've found it!
    Going to read a bit more of your blog now because I'm enjoying it a lot so far! xoxo

    The perks of being a hipster

  2. thanks for stopping by! honestly this guacamole was the best thing ever. i hope you make it! x


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