Ronnie's Bar

10 September 2013

One place in London that I have wanted to go for such a long time is Ronnie Scott's Jazz Club. It's a very famous, popular venue for fantastic jazz, which unfortunately means that it's often sold out and you really have to plan and book in advance.

While browsing their website the other day in the hope of finding a good event, I discovered that they have a bar upstairs - Ronnie's Bar. They boast live music every night of the week, and on fridays they have a live Cuban band playing. I immediately pitched the idea to E, and he decided we would make a date out of it and take me out for a little celebratory evening because we finally found and secured a new flat!

One little black dress, a pair of heels and matte red lips later, I was ready for a night out with my favourite person.

We headed straight to Ronnie's Bar - easy to find, close to Chinatown in Soho - and paid the reduced price of 5 pounds entry for getting in before 8pm. The decor inside was very much a dark den of a jazz bar, and we enjoyed some wine and nibbles.

This is quite typical of me really, but I was convinced that the music was going to start earlier than it actually did. So we decided to leave to grab a bite to eat and come back later on for the live band, and it was great since they kept our wine bottle for us that we drank the rest of when we returned, and of course we didn't need to pay again to get in.

I'll talk about the dinner we had later on, but suffice to say it was absolutely delicious. We were quite full though, and ready for some music and a little bit of dancing!

The band was in full force when we got back to the bar, playing that amazing Cuban, Latino music that even the most reserved of us can't help but sway our hips to. Neither E nor I frequent night clubs or any other place that requires us to dance, and the first time we really hit the dance floor together was at our wedding. So now, dancing with him reminds me of that day, which is pretty wonderful. 

I think that if you would enjoy something like this, but like me prefer to stay away from the big, loud night clubs, it might be worth a try. I would love to go back there on a different night too, and maybe enjoy a little bit of mellow jazz - perfect to cosy up with come the colder months.


  1. That's so cute that the first time you guys hit the dance floor together was your wedding and now repeating it brings you back to that day! Daww! And you two look super cute together :] This place sounds really fun! I feel like if I ever find myself back in London I'll have a whole collection of things to do thanks to you haha.

    1. i do hope you get visit London!! x


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