Writing on the wall

30 September 2013

Although the original meaning of "writing on the wall" is a little ominous, it's something I'm excited for once the paint job for our walls is done in the upcoming week or two. Not literally, of course. I'm talking wordy, or sometimes wordless, prints & quotes to decorate the walls with.

Aside from my love for Anthropologie, something I love when it comes to home decor are characterful, charming framed prints to reflect your unique household.

Predictably, I turned to Etsy for inspiration, and now my only trouble is trying to choose from the abundance of lovely prints to adorn my home with!

In particular, I've stumbled across and now fallen in love with three Etsy shops.

First up is Cosas Minimas, and I dare you not to want every single print in this shop. I'm pretty sure that if I get the thumbs up from E (it is his home too, after all) I will be swiftly putting that Underground print in my shopping basket.

For the kitchen, I'm making a beeline for HappyLetterShop. No home is complete without foodie word play. "Don't go bacon my heart"? Genius.

Last but not least, handz is what retro-lovin' dreams are made of. Each print is like sunshine on a piece of paper. 

My "for the home" wish list is getting out of control. 

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  1. I like them all, but still I have a serious debt to the coffee, it would be a great injustice not to hang something coffee-related:-)

  2. i love cosas mimimas! such lovely prints! thanks for the intro~~

    1. they are amazing aren't they!! x

  3. I love the don't go bacon my heart image! So funny <3 xx

    1. i know, so clever! i'm a big fan of cheesy wordplay x

  4. Sooooo in love. I especially love the first series...especially the cute motercycling couple :]

  5. These are all so cute, I can't even handle it.

  6. These are a great collection of prints, I especially like the last one :)


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