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21 June 2015

I think that it's pretty clear by now, that I don't like to slave over anything when it comes to the kitchen. I leave that entirely to my husband who is the complete opposite, and I have no complaints about that!

This laziness extends to drinks, too. Although I enjoy a cocktail now and then, I don't find myself making them at home as often as I'd like to - simply because I a) don't own a fancy cocktail making kit, b) don't have a huge selection of spirits at home, and c) am all too happy with a simple G&T.

But there is just something about summer (or the glimpses of it that we've seen in London, anyway...) that makes me want to get a little fancier, and whip up some cocktails to enjoy in the garden. The only problem is that all my listed excuses/problems still exist, so I need to work my way around that.

This is why I like this campaign so much - in the three videos below, they have a pair of "cocktail crashers" that invade various summer parties and serve easy, quick and simple drinks to spice things up. The kind of thing even I could probably manage.

And so I did! Now, I'm fully aware that I know next to nothing about mixology, and the way I make these is most likely completely incorrect. But this is for people like me, with no special tools or desire for the complex - just a simple, summery cocktail that anyone can make. I pretty much just combined what I had on hand (the golden rum that E had bought to cook with) with the flavours I like, and that's all!

You might remember the Pomegranate Gin Fizz that I shared a few months ago, and I think that this one is just as easy but looks more "cocktail-y", if that makes sense. See what I mean? I know zero about this stuff. All I know is that you will like this if you like fresh, fruity, not-too-sweet drinks, and it could easily be made virgin, too. 

Sidenote: you see that little ramekin of popcorn? That would be the Heston Blumenthal salted caramel popcorn from Waitrose, that my sister got a while ago. They are seriously delicious.

Golden Passionfruit Mojito

Ingredients (for 2 glasses):
3 shots golden rum
2 passionfruits
1 lime
a few mint leaves
agave nectar
lemonade or sparkling water
ice cubes

To make:
1) Muddle a few mint leaves and the flesh of half a passionfruit in each glass.
2) Add the juice of half a lime to each glass, with agave nectar to taste.
3) Add the rum, mix, fill the glass with ice cubes.
4) Top with lemonade or sparkling water.

disclaimer: this post is sponsored by Diageo. all opinions are my own.

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