26 April 2015

If you're even a little bit of a foodie in London, no doubt you've heard of Bone Daddies' new(ish) popup, Shackfuyu. And you've most likely seen many of these on your social media feed, if you're that way inclined.

That would be their iconic Kinako French Toast with Matcha Soft Serve, but let's back up.

Remember when our blog/instagram followers-turned-friends group went to Morada Asador, and how that was supposed to be Shackfuyu but they had a flooding emergency? Well, we vowed to try Round Two, and this time there were no plumbing issues. There were 9 of us (Honey, Emma, VA, Jesse, Tamsin, Alex, Thach & my husband E), hungry and ready to test this hotspot for ourselves. 

First up, cocktails. I tried the Ringo Starr (gin, sake & apple juice - ringo in Japanese means apple, hence the name), which was my kind of drink - not too sweet, refreshing and light.

And then we ordered nearly the entire menu. Not that hard to do, as it's not huge, but very varied nonetheless. We chose:

Yellowtail Sashimi Tostada - avocado shiso
Aubergine - 4 miso - bubu arare
Prawn Toast masquerading as Okonomiyaki
Fried Potatoes - Japanese curry sauce
USDA Beef Picanha
Hot Stone Rice - goma tare - chilli - beef
Mentaiko Mac & Cheese - bacon - cock scratchings

Although I actually liked everything (there were mixed opinions about the mac & cheese around the table, but I personally enjoyed it a lot), the highlights for me were the beef (a must!), the prawn toast okonomiyaki, and the aubergine. They describe their food as current Japanese street food trends with a twist, which I think is a good way to put it - they all had a distinctive Japanese flair, but with an element of the unexpected.Every dish was unique and flavourful, and the portions weren't too bad either. We ordered 2 each of most dishes and that was enough for 9 people, just about.

Well, we did have to save plenty of room for dessert...

The Kinako French Toast is a bit of an icon now, and rightly so. They have got this so right. Kinako is a powder made out of soybeans, that is commonly used in Japan for traditional sweets and desserts. This goes perfectly well with the french toast, which is crispy on the outside, and fluffy yet moist on the inside. Spot on. As for the matcha soft serve, they actually had a little hiccup with their machine, which meant that we waited a while for our desserts to be completed. They gave us 7 free desserts and a massive cup of soft serve each (on top of the dessert!) to compensate, so we quickly forgot all about it in our sugar comas.

Honestly, this place is worth visiting for the dessert alone.

Would I recommend Shackfuyu? Absolutely. Grab a bunch of friends so you can try a bit of everything - or just go as a pair and stuff yourself silly.

14a Old Compton Street
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