22 December 2014

Remember when I went restaurant hopping for the London Restaurant Festival's Japanese Journey? One of our stops was Kurobuta, a place that serves what they deem "Japanese junk/street food" - not quite the description I would give, it's more like dishes with a Japanese/fusion flair. In any case, I really enjoyed the selection on offer when I went there, so my sister and I decided to give them a go for a casual, tapas-style dinner when she was in London. We went to the Chelsea branch and sat at the small counter - it's a small, cosy restaurant, especially compared to the Marble Arch one which is much larger and more snazzy.

Without actually meaning to, we ended up with more fried food than we anticipated - oh well. It happens! First up were the sweet potato fries with soba-ko, which were quite delicious and not at all greasy, which is a plus. Then the Jerusalem Artichoke Chopsticks with truffled ponzu sauce arrived, which are quite original and the whole thing works. Kana and I love seafood, so the fried squid didn't escape us - a bit too much of the fried stuff at this point, but we ate it all up dutifully. 

Our favourites were the Tuna Sashimi Pizza & BBQ Pork Belly Buns. Obviously the "pizza" is nothing like its namesake, other than that there is a base and things are place on top, but it was really quite good - the crispy base somehow went very well with the sashimi, and the flavouring was spot on. As for the pork belly - I had tried it on the Japanese Journey so I knew it would be good, and it did not disappoint.

Although it looks like a small selection of food, we left quite happily satisfied - although we did have room for dessert, and picked up a cake from l'Eto on the way home (I will be writing about l'Eto soon!). The guy serving us at the counter was very friendly, with a true Australian accent (Scott Hallsworth, the founder of Kurobuta, is Australian), and we had a lovely evening. 

Don't go there expecting authentic Japanese food - that ain't happening. But for a menu with a twist that will give you plenty of variety and interesting ideas, it's a good one. Don't skip the pork belly, you won't regret it.


  1. Looks delicious! Rather too much than too little! xx

  2. Kurobuta was one of my favourites of the year, I love the sashimi pizza too ;)
    Lots of love,
    SilverSpoon London

  3. Mm this looks incredible, Miho! 100% on my list for whenever I'm back in the UK - I think Japanese fusion food is one of my favourite things about London. So many quirky adaptations! I also loved Sticks'n'Sushi (:

  4. I like the idea of this. Think I'll have to take a look at the menu, I bloody love fusion food!

    Nicola // pink-confetti.co.uk

  5. I read Grace Dent's odes to the pork belly at Kurobuta and seeing as you went for it a second time, it must be excellent! The sashimi 'pizza' also looks truly beautiful (and healthy?) - this place is firmly on my list following your recommendation! Bone Daddies and Flesh'n'Buns have converted me into a Japanese fusion fan, and this place sounds amazing :) xx

  6. YUMMY! Jap fusion? Fried? Crispy? Tasty? I'd be a super happy customer! I'm quite a fan of fusion or mix cuisine type food, it's all good by me!

  7. Wowowow I need this. It looks SO GOOD! The squid and "pizza" look especially yummy. I love your photography btw :]


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