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27 December 2014

If you follow my Instagram, you'll know that I am currently in Bordeaux, France! We are spending a week in this beautiful (and seriously, I mean beautiful - I am in love) city over Christmas. It's somewhere I had never been before, so a gathering with some of E's family here was a good excuse to visit and explore.

We had a couple of days by ourselves before the rest of the group started to arrive, so we had a relaxing time just wandering around and sightseeing. On our first night, recommended by the landlady of our apartment, we went to Wine More Time - a little place that's perfect for good wine, cheese and charcuterie.

Their menu is affordable and easy to navigate for people like us, who like wine but are not experts! They give you their top recommendations of the week from over 300 bottles, and the one we chose - a Bordeaux wine, Château Courréges 2007 - was excellent. 

Of course, we also had a spread of delicious meat and cheese, in true French style - it was all top quality and we even ordered a second platter of cheese, it was so good. Let me tell you, I had been suffering from a strange stomach-or-something bug just prior to leaving London, and I was so glad it had finally gone so I could enjoy this!

It's located in the centre of town, clearly a popular spot as it was pretty full the whole evening. We might even go back there another night as it was exactly what we were after - a chilled out, reasonably priced dinner with great wine, food and ambience.

As this post goes live, we will have just made it home from Bordeaux so sadly can't take on any recommendations for this trip, but hopefully I will have some souvenir stories to share with you in case this city is in your future travel plans. It should be - it's quite a gem.


  1. Lucky you! I haven't had a chance to go to Bordeaux yet but it's high on my list of cities to visit in France :) The restaurant you visited looks fantastic! Look at this charcuterie. Nom! My kind of place ;-) xx

  2. Oohh! What an experience! I'd love to be doing this right now! xx

  3. I wish!!! Can hardly wait to go to Bordeaux myself

  4. Um, wow. Everything about this post looks just amazing! Delicious and reasonably priced wine, cheese, and charcuterie…nothing in the world would make me happier!

  5. I am so bad in wine tasting and I'm even more lost
    when it comes to combine it with food!
    I hope to see more delicious posts of your Bordeaux
    journey! Xx

  6. I was completely obsessed with Bordeaux when I was there. It's just so beautiful and perfect and the wine is perfect heheh. And those meats look so super yummy and thinking about them with the wine...AHH!

  7. Looks fun! I've been loving your instagram snaps!
    Georgia from lumu

  8. Miho this all looks so yummy! Defo my kind of break. I followed your insta wining and I was certainly envious.

    Love and Limoncello xx

  9. Wow! That looks delicious! I could so go for that cheese and meats plate.

  10. That looks so delicious, cheese, wine and meat, yup!!

    Rosie xx

  11. Oh wow, my boyfriend would be jealous! We both enjoys wines and cold cuts but he's more of a cheese connoisseur than myself. Looks great and I love the interior! Happy new years to you!


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