throwback thursday: boating on the danube

12 December 2013

I recently discovered Lula's blog, Beside the Danube, and immediately fell in love with her gorgeous photos and writing. It also reminded me of the great day I had myself on the river Danube with my sister last year, and dug up the photos to relive that sunny afternoon.

We were in Vienna and rented a boat one stunning summer day, and went for a little boat trip along the river.

We ate fresh peaches, took photos and wore straw hats to shield ourselves from the sun. It's one of my favourite summertime memories.


  1. Looks so beautiful! It's making me miss the sunshine!! x

  2. Thank you Miho for giving me a reason to google something I've never heard of before. Crazy to think I never knew the Danube River existed until now despite the fact that it runs through so many European countries haha! I guess you learn something new every day.

    p.s. annnnd I'm all caught up with your blog. Sorry (but not really) for the all the comments ;)

  3. Mmmm, fresh peaches and the Danube. Sounds like my PERFECT day. I think we'd get on well, Miho :) and thank you for mentioning my little blog. xx

  4. beautiful river danube, now I feel like smelling those peaches I had this summer :)

  5. GORGEOUS. I love your short and sweet description, it really transports me :] I'm super sad I never made it to Vienna, these are so pretty and it just sounds like a perfect summer outing!


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