festive aix-en-provence

26 December 2013

I am quite lucky that my husband's hometown is such a charming one. I never tire from meandering through the narrow streets lined with little boutiques and bakeries, and the main street Cours Mirabeau (nicknamed the Champs-Elysées of the south) looks especially beautiful, all lit up and bustling with people.

We ate a crêpe with lashings of nutella (what else) and looked at the Christmas stalls, and just as it started getting dark we took away slices of doughy, cheesy pizza and enjoyed a quiet night in before the festivities started to get underway.

As for Christmas itself, we've had wonderful days of celebration including a big carol singing party where both E and I played the piano for the singalong, a murder mystery dinner complete with delicious Raclette, and plenty of food, wine and merriment on Christmas eve and day. It's been a very special one, and I hope yours was too.


  1. Looks like you had a great time :-) Raclette and crepes au nutella are some of my favourites <3 xx

  2. 1. You are adorable!
    2. The city looks beautiful.
    3. Nutella crepes forever! ;)

    Hope your day was splendid (it sure sounds so!)

  3. so gorgeous!! what a wonderful place x

  4. so charming and beautiful! sounds like you had a lovely christmas as well. hope you end the year on a good note!

  5. Looks like an ah-mazing time! Wishing you a happy holidays and new year Miho!!

  6. Damn it I miss France so so so so so much! I never got down to Aix, I wish I did though! It looks so beautiful! And a murder mystery dinner party with raclette...could not be more fun. I'm glad your holiday was so wonderful<3

  7. Lovely places you've been, seems like a lovely Christmas!


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