23 June 2013

Isn't it always the way, that when you stumble upon a magical moment that could make the best photos of all time, you don't have your camera with you?

It could just be me.

This sunset felt like the city I've been living in for the past three years waving me goodbye. This small european city has seen a lot of me, the ups and downs that have made the years what they've been, and I couldn't have asked for a more beautiful sky from the rooftop bar I've frequented often.

So, I made do with my iPhone, and it seems it did the trick as these photos are a surprisingly accurate souvenir of the incredible view. These are completely unfiltered, so you can imagine how stunning it was.

I will miss this.


  1. What a beautiful sunset! These photos are seriously gorgeous <3 xx

    1. thank you! it was quite stunning :)


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