Throwback Thursday

13 June 2013

This time last year, I was counting down the days for my very first trip to Santorini, Greece. E had booked us a surprise holiday, having known it was my dream to go there, for an incredible few days. 

On the second day in Santorini, both of us high on happiness from his proposal the night before, we headed to the town of Oia late in the afternoon. We enjoyed the famous greek sunset from a different location each night, but this one was probably the most special. Every summer evening, people gather on the steps and stones of Oia, a scattered (but packed) crowd forming as everyone waits patiently for the magic to happen. And at the moment the sun sets, there is a round of enthusiastic applause, locals and tourists alike. It was absolutely spectacular.


  1. Such a gorgeous sunset, especially the first one, even with all this warm weather at the moment, I wouldn't mind a trip to Greece!

    1. it really was so magical! i hope you get to Greece soon, i am absolutely dying to go back! x


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