the happy list :: june 2015

01 July 2015

All photos from my Instagram!

Read: The Versions of Us by Laura Barnett. Said to be a cross between One Day and Sliding Doors, that immediately caught my attention as I love both (One Day the book, not so much the movie). It is an entertaining read, not the best book ever (I found it a little difficult to emotionally engage with the characters somehow), but a good, summertime paperback.

Watched: I know I am ridiculously late to the bandwagon, but I've finally started watching Madmen! I tried it once before and didn't get into it, but I have no idea why, because this time around I am loving it.

Ate: I've been craving pizza a lot lately, and I blame it all on Santa Maria. Why does it have to be so close to us?!

Purchased: Although I snagged a half price dress from Whistles (an LBD that's a do-it-all kind of dress, I love it), the most exciting purchases have to be our Metropolitan Opera and Broadway tickets for our trip to NYC! We've booked Tosca for a mere $35 per ticket, in very good seats (with Placido Domingo conducting, Angela Gheorghiu singing, amongst others - for those who might be classical music/opera fans!), as well as tickets to the Book of Mormon (which were far more expensive, but hopefully worth it). Less than 4 months to go now!

Clicked: - Miranda's Notebook. I swear, Miranda never look less than flawless, and her blog is simply divine. Her Gratitude Lists are a good place to start, and recently she has had me swooning at her stunning photos of Surrey (it really does look like Provence!), whetting my appetite with her recipe for beer cheese (and I don't even like beer), and reminding me that it has been far too long since I've visited Richmond. As a fellow London blogger, I'm sure you will love her gorgeous writing and imagery - click over and see for yourself. 

               - Jasmine Charlotte. This lovely blog was new to me, but the tagline drew me in right away - adventures, tech and tea? Count me in. Amongst her lifestyle and travel updates (the 10 happy things list is one of my favourites, her trip to Liverpool looks like a lot of fun, and Anglesey looks beautiful!), she is also a whizz at the technology side of blogging, and has many tips and tricks that she share kindly shares with us. Go over and say hello!

              - SilverSpoon London. As ever, Angie has been up to all kinds of fancy adventures - luxurious lunch in Rome, a relaxing facial at the Rosewood Hotel, and a wonderful meal at the Dorchester, no less. Whether you're looking for a little escapism, searching for recommendations in London, or wanting to enjoy a little wanderlust, her blog has got it covered! 

Listened: I recently discovered the NPR podcast (I pretty much like all of NPR's podcasts, actually) Intelligence Squared, which are Oxford-style debates on key, relevant topics. I thoroughly enjoy a good debate and this is a new favourite of mine. An honourable mention has to go to the Marc Maron podcast, because he interviewed Barack Obama and it was pretty amazing.

Ran: 46.4km. My goal was to reach 50km this month, and I was so close to it that I nearly went on two runs on the same day... but thankfully, E was sensible and stopped me. So close! In any case, I'm very happy with my runs this month, and I feel like I exercised a lot in general, as I attended 18 ClassPass classes as well. My favourite new studios that I've tried this month have been Barrecore, GymClass and Form Studios. I also feel like I'm starting to see visible changes to my body, 3 months into using ClassPass. It may not be hugely noticeable and I'm not exactly Victoria Secret model material, but for someone who finds it difficult to build muscle (and at 4'11", each and every extra pound really shows!), I just feel a lot stronger and don't feel like dying when holding a plank for more than a minute. 

Blogged: My favourite post this month has undoubtedly been the sunset walk in Provence. Take be back!

Cooked: Oh dear.. I've been a little bit rubbish at cooking this past month. Does this cocktail count?!

Thanks so much for reading!
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