raw @ la suite west

08 January 2015

There is quite the time lapse between the time this restaurant happened and my writing this post, but with a backlog of overflowing (still yet to be published...) posts and trying to stay somewhat on topic for the general public (although my Christmas recap is still not up...), I'm hoping you don't mind the delay. Especially as I half-consciously waited to write about this place until this time of year, when a lot of us are trying to balance out the December indulgences. 

If you want to go for a meal out but are still digesting all that cheese and chocolate, this might be the place for you!

As I've mentioned before, C and I get quite excited by the healthy food trends that come and go. Although raw food dressed up all gourmet has been around for quite a while now, we had never been to a raw restaurant, so after some research (and a couple of failed attempts - it seems such restaurants can have strange opening hours or don't offer a full dinner menu), we decided to try Raw

Located inside a modern and slick hotel by Bayswater station, it's not exactly easy to spot and the atmosphere is a little quiet. Once we sat down though, others started to arrive and the place warmed up - the service was very friendly and the menu quite extensive. Not all items are raw, but I'm fairly sure that everything is vegan, and it's all clearly marked.

We chose the raw sushi with radish "rice" and julienned vegetables, the aubergine with wasabi cream., and the raw crackers with a kind of hummus, I think? We were quite impressed with everything - I don't know whether it was because I was a little apprehensive, but it was all surprisingly delicious and flavourful! And despite it looking like the portions weren't particularly large, the richness of the ingredients (like the dip and the wasabi cream, probably made of nuts) made us pleasantly full.

Not too full for dessert though - the warm chocolate fudge cake with coconut sorbet was seriously decadent without being sickly. However much I love desserts that involve dairy, my body definitely feels better after a meal without it. 

I'm not about to give up my burgers and ramen and all the other indulgences that I love to enjoy when eating out, there is definitely something nice about dining out and feeling like you've actually nourished yourself in a good way. There are a couple of other similar places C and I are wanting to try out, but if you know of any place like this in London that you'd recommend, let us know! 


  1. You must be kidding, right? (-: Sitting at work I find this a pure provocation. Looks great,-)

  2. I'm the same I'll still be publishing posts from my November holiday in March!! I love the look of this place and I really enjoy raw food. I'm trying the new M Raw in a couple of weeks.
    Lots of love,
    SilverSpoon London

  3. everything looks delightful, and as always great review. i love sushi and those look rather special! x

  4. I've never been to a raw food restaurant like this, it all looks really good. Especially the sushi! x

  5. Girrrrl, story of my life - this whole blog back log of posts waiting to be published. I think I'll always have a back log which, when you put it into perspective, is much better than having NO log at all haha. Your post is making me want to search the DC area and see if they have any raw restaurants around. Hmmmm...

  6. This looks and sounds sooo good! And I know what you mean about it feeling nice to go out to eat and you don't feel like you did anything bad for yourself. Or better yet, that you did something GOOD for your body. Also that chocolate fudge cake looks absolutely incredible gahh.

  7. Don't worry I still have a few holiday posts coming up
    and am very on delay too... so lets be delay together!
    This place looks pretty good! And raw food! I haven't
    had that in life before but I'm sure you felt really
    healthy afterwards c: even after that delicious looking
    dessert! Xx

  8. I clicked on this post expecting to read about a restaurant similar to the one where Smith initially works in Sex and the City with cold ginger soup or something...but this sounds surprisingly nice! A good post to start the new year on - it's all about intentions this end of the year, right? I'm suffering from a severe content backlog too, but the further away it gets from 2014 the harder it is to post. And I totally can't wait to read your Christmas recap! xx

  9. Oh how interesting! I don't think there are ANY raw restaurants or eateries here in singapore. I'm also not too sure how they'd do as well but I would totally give one a go if I get the chance! I'd love to try spiraled vegetable 'pasta' and 'cheese' made from nuts/acid..I've seen them and they look and seem to be so delicious and fresh. I too however cannot give up my regular foods!


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