we feast @ tobacco dock

17 August 2014

I can see you rolling your eyes - "another street food festival? does she do anything else with her life?"- but wait! I have an excuse. Being part of the Nuffnang community, I was lucky enough to get a pair of free tickets to FEAST. I mean, it would have been rude to say no.

And I definitely didn't want to say no.

So E and I made our way to Tobacco Dock where this was being held, and we were greeted by the biggest spread of stalls and smells I'd experienced at a festival like this. A very good start.

This place is very cool, and although there are so many of these street food fests these days that require no entry fee, I could see why this one charges you. It's set up better, there's some boogie music, there's an indoor bar, the drinks are very reasonably prices (cocktails at 5 pounds is very good for London!) and overall has a great atmosphere.

We made a beeline for the first thing we knew we had to try - The Frenchie. Duck confit burgers, with blue cheese and truffle honey and duck skin crackling? You'd be crazy to pass that up.

So. Flippin'. Good. We absolutely loved this.

After a drink and a bit of browsing, we also tried Anna Mae's mac & cheese, which was also gorgeous. Seriously good M&C, though the portion was enormous!

There were two floors, the lower one being mostly market stalls of marshmallows, cheese, brownies, meringues... the list goes on. It was bustling with people but not too crammed or crowded, which I really appreciated.

The alcoholic iced tea was pretty good!

I had room for just a little more - I couldn't say no to the calamari from Union Street Café. And I'm so glad I did - perfectly fried, salty, with a bit of sweetness from the Amalfi lemon jam, it was pretty fantastic.

We had a great evening there - unique location, lovely ambience, delectable food. I hope they put it on again!


  1. I went to Feast last year and I thought it was definitely worth the entry (though obvs much better if you get the tickets for free!). It looks like they had quite a few new vendors this year, good to keep it fresh! Although the mac & cheese people were there last year...the one with all the bbq sauce is SO yummy! I do love a good food festival


  2. Do you know what I love about street food festivals? (Other than the food, I mean). I really love how much of an effort the vendors put into their stalls in terms of presentation! I love all of the little signs and the cute vintage trucks, and the wooden boards and the colour coordination. The attention to detail is so stunning!

    Owl Girl | A London lifestyle blog

  3. Just thought you should know that I was most definitely not rolling my eyes as I read through this post haha. My favorite thing about your blog is passion for food, food festivals included! :)

  4. Um those marshmallows?! I can't believe London has so many street food festivals. I would love to go.

  5. Looks like foodie heaven! :) I'm dying to try the Frenchie burger. And I'm such a huge fan of Anna Mae's - their van came to one of the balls I went to earlier in the summer and I almost died with excitement. Lemon jam with calamari sounds fantastic - and so original! I'll definitely be keen to visit Feast next year, so jealous of all the Feast posts I've been seeing this week...

    Tamsin xx | A Certain Adventure

  6. This streetfood festival looks great :3 and what are those cubes that
    says 'mango sweet orange'? And those colorful meringue are too
    pretty to be eaten! Xx

  7. Thank you for the mention Miho and I'm really glad you enjoyed yourself. Your pictures are wonderful :) Jesse x

  8. It looks great. I went to FEAST last year at Tabacco dock and it was super busy (but lots of fun). Think it's best when there's fewer people there.

    Rosie xx

  9. This looks delicious! And such a great event.

    Joana x

  10. sweet outing! all the sights of food is making me want to hit up a street food festival!

  11. I will never tire of street feasts - never!

    Next time, me and you, yeah? You always seem to dig out the most delicious-looking ones!!

  12. THAT MAC AND CHEESE THOUGH. This looks so so fun, I wish there was stuff like this in my neck of the woods. And alcoholic iced tea always sounds great heh.

  13. Oh that burger. It looks amazing! I really hope Edinburgh has some more exciting street food than Aberdeen (not hard..!)


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