the happy list :: july 2014

04 August 2014

all photos from my Instagram!

Read: Severed Heads, Broken Hearts by Robyn Schneider. Review to come.

Watched: The Harry Potter movies. E and I decided to start from the beginning and work our way through - obviously not our firs time watching them, but it's fun to do it all in one go!

Ate: La Petite Maison. Beautiful, provençale cooking.

Clicked: Margo's fun, informative and gorgeous European Travel Blog. Her recent posts on Salzburg have made me very nostalgic, and her stunning photos of Hallstatt have really had me kicking myself for not going there when I lived in Salzburg. Whether you're a Euro-traveller or not, her blog will transport you to all corners of the continent and give you interesting and comprehensive guides for different countries and cities. 

Listened: Some Nights by Fun. It takes me back to two years ago when E took me to Santorini and just epitomises summer for me.

Wore: These Topshop crochet shorts. They are the comfiest pair of shorts - breezy, elasticated waistband, cream colour that goes with anything. They're a little dressier than the usual denim pair, and did I mention the elasticated waistband? If you're interested in them and are in between sizes, go down a size as they run a little bigger.

Visited: Berlin & Hamburg. Lots of posts of my German adventures to come!

Ran: 67.3km. I had hoped to pass 70, but considering I was away for a week I guess it's not too shabby! I did 2 11K runs in July, which I was quite pleased with. August is my 10K race month!

Cooked: Gazpacho, the ultimate summer dish.

Celebrated: The wedding of a friend from school in Berlin. My two best friends from school and I left our boys behind in London and made it a girly trip which was very fun, and the wedding was lovely.

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  1. cuuuuuute! your food posts always come up near the end of my work day and get me so hungry hehe
    you seriously have the best. taste. in. food. lovelovelove :)

    rachel x

  2. amazing miles (or km) run! good luck on your 10k month. i love all your instagram photos :)

  3. Yayy HP! It never gets old. Will we ever read another novel/watch a film that is so good it takes you to a whole new world? I hope so. In the mean time I've mostly been reading crime/thriller kind of books lately. Can't wait to read your reviews. I don't think I've read these 2 yet. xx

  4. Ahh so cuteee! The HP films never get old <3 xx

  5. SO GOOD on the running! You're amazing! And omg Harry is just the best, and you chose the perfect month in which to watch a marathon (Harry's birthday month of course hehehe). I CANNOT wait to see your Germany posts! I loved Berlin when I was there with my sister.

  6. so cute!!


  7. So jealous of your July - not least for the HP marathon! I love the crochet shorts, and can't wait to read your book reviews! :) x


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