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17 July 2014

Even if you're not into beauty products or have any interest in such girly activities, chances are you've probably been made aware of Benefit's new gel liner pen, They're Real! Push Up Liner. It sounds all kinds of fancy with the science behind how the pen works, and many of the beauty bloggers and YouTubers that I trust have raved about the product.

I haven't tried this gel liner pen (yet), but it's definitely been on my radar since I am always on the lookout for a solid eyeliner that a) is easy to work with, b) won't budge even if I cry re-reading The Fault in our Stars, and c) won't break the bank.

For years now, an eyeshadow of a brown/taupe shade, slightly winged eyeliner plus mascara has been my go-to combo for my eye make up. It's neutral enough for all occasions, it's easy enough for someone like me to do (I love all things beauty but I'm not exactly a make up artist), and it just makes me feel a bit more pulled together.

Sometimes I go all out and use 2-3 different shades of eyeshadow (I know, what a dare devil) if I'm doing a bit more of a dressed up look, but other than that my make up really doesn't change. 

The thing that does get switched up often is the lips - I'm a complete lip product addict and I don't know how to cure myself.

The good thing about the above look is that the eyes aren't too dramatic, so to carry it over for an evening outing I can just slap on some red lipstick and it looks like I've made an effort. The one I've used below is Rimmel Kate Moss in 01.

Once my current liquid eyeliner runs out, I'll definitely be heading to a Benefit counter to see if this new one lives up to the hype!

For now, I will be contemplating how on earth people do beauty blogging - one session of trying to get close ups of my eyes resulted in my eye spontaneously starting to water and making my bloodshot eyes match my lips. I'm definitely not cut out for this, but I'd love to chat more beauty things in the future as it's something I genuinely enjoy.

Hopefully close ups won't be needed next time...

Disclaimer: this post was sponsored by Benefit, all opinions are my own.


  1. Ha! There must be some secret beauty blogger way of doing it. Definitely much easier to photograph your food I think :D

  2. Lovely beauty post Miho - you look gorgeous! And so cute in the last photo - haha, beauty blogging is clearly harder than it looks! xx

  3. I know I super need to catch up on your blog but I have no time right now, but I couldn't not comment on this! YOU ARE SO STUNNING! I LOVE your makeup look, your skin is perfect, and the eyeliner looks amazing. Also I laughed at the daredevil comment haha...don't worry, I never wear more than two so three is TOTALLY in the daredevil category!

  4. such a pretty lady! i am always looking for something that doesn't smudge either!


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