e cooks: gamberetti e zucchini tagliatelle & tarte tatin

23 July 2014

When my sister was here, she took over my camera for one evening and snapped photos for the blog of E cooking dinner. I'm fairly picky about the photos I post on the blog (I'm a total amateur with the camera at best, but even I have to have standards), but I knew I could trust her completely to take some great pictures - she's naturally very talented and very used to taking photos of food, obviously.

So all credit goes to her for these shots! And the credit for the food goes to E. What credit do I get? Spreading the love by sharing these photos, and eating. Eating a lot.

Just a few simple steps for this pasta:
1) Either pan-fry raw king prawns, or buy them cooked.
2) Grate courgettes/zucchinis. Pan-fry with olive oil.
3) Marinate prawns and courgettes in plenty of extra virgin olive oil, raw crushed garlic and chilli.
4) Once the pasta (fresh or dried) is cooked and drained very al dente, mix with the sauce in a frying pan until well mixed.

Fresh pasta is very rich, but really makes a difference with simple sauces like these. Easy for me to say as I'm not the one doing the hard work, but E is evidently happy enough to put in the extra effort! (Not as happy to listen to me complain about the floury mess.)

Hope you enjoyed my sister's photography skills - more of which you can enjoy here!


  1. Oh wow! this looks so delicious!


  2. I've never made pasta, but I'd love to try. Looks like E is a pro! Xx

  3. I really need to buy a pasta machine and make my own
    pasta... but pasta machine can be pricey..
    Anyway, this dinner by E. looks niiiiice! Good job c: Xx

  4. Gorgeous photos, sissy! And that pasta looks divine, go E :] Also it's definitely a lot of work to eat all this...you're a champion for the cause ;]

  5. This looks so delicious! And great photos x

  6. I think someone needs to give E a cook book deal. This looks delicious! And great photography skills from your sis :) xx

  7. Mmm, this is a favourite series for me! Love your sister's photos of the strands of pasta and the black and white shot of E focused on the pasta-maker! I might compile all of the 'E cooks' posts and send them to Alex as a very unsubtle hint :D xx

  8. oh my goodness looks so good. and these photos are lovely! i'm dying to make fresh pasta. one day..!

  9. Oh my goodness that looks amazing...

    And your sister's photography makes it look even more mouthwatering.


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