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27 June 2014

I've always been a girly girl - not in that I liked frilly things and pink and all that gender stereotyping nonsense (although I did like all those things), but in that my closest friends have always been female and growing up with a sister, I was basically surrounded by oestrogen.

I'm no stranger to the difficulties that can arise in female friendships and I know that others often find it easier to be in male company, but I have always been a bit terrified of boys and it was around girls that I felt most like myself.

When I first watched the video of the NIVEA Masterbrand campaign, knowing that it was created to represent the strength in women and encouraging and supporting the #BRINGITON spirit of welcoming adventures together, it reminded me of all the fun memories I have with my best friends. I'm so lucky and grateful to have people in my life who have stuck around over humps and bumps, picking me up when I'm down and celebrating with me when I'm happy. Even though relationships of any kind are complicated, I think that at the core, it's one simple message - be there for each other.

I'm feeling especially thankful for my 4 beautiful bridesmaids - this time last year they were preparing my hen party and getting ready to be the most stunning and supportive bridesmaids ever (I'm serious, I constantly need to defend myself because it seems like I chose my best friends for their good looks!). And I'm excited for the fun that this summer will bring for all of us!

Who are your favourite ladies?

Disclaimer: this post was sponsored by the NIVEA Masterbrand campaign. All opinions are my own.


  1. Nivea make such kick-ass adverts for women! I'm glad this one is promoting female friendship, it's nice to be reminded how great life is with your best friends!

    Saskia / girlinbrogues.com

  2. some of my best memories are ones with my girlfriends in them. :)

  3. I am a girly girl as well but not all entirely typical stereotyping one.
    I like hanging with my girls! Even though my closest ones are
    only 2 people. They are the best Xx

  4. You know? The most amazing thing happened to me when I enrolled in art school. I met two women that not only share my military background but also share some of my beliefs on raising children and also are not quick to judge but are very quick to open their hearts and share pain, love and joy. Even though we have only been friends for a short while I feel like these two women have been my friends for a life time. They would certainly be the first to know I was pregnant again and for sure women I know that no matter how much ocean is between us the fire in our friendship will never die.

  5. I went to an all girls school, which really brings out the best and worst in girls I think. But when it came down to it, we were a force to be reckoned with when something brought us all together. I'm glad that even though we all now live hundreds of miles apart, my little group of friends still get back together for a good catch up when we return home. B xx

  6. I have always been a girly girl in every sense of it, and my best friends have always been female with few exceptions. It's REALLY hard living so far from them now, but best friendship doesn't change.


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