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18 June 2014

It's probably very evident on this blog that I love street food events. It means you get to try a variety of traders that you might not have known about before, there's a buzz to the atmosphere, and it's a great thing to enjoy when the sun is out.

KERB sets up shop in various corners of London, and when I saw that they were camping out at the Southbank for the weekend, I knew it was time to try out one of their events.

Knowing that each stand came with the KERB stamp of approval, it was tricky to decide what to go for - until we knew exactly what we wanted to go for.

First up, a soft shell crab burger from Crabbieshack.

Messy and glorious.

We wandered around a little, trying to see what caught our eye, sipping on a delicious rose & cardamom margarita.

See why it was so hard to decide?

Anyway, we then passed Bill or Beak, which had a bit a queue (as did Crabbieshack - you know that queues = worth it) and looked fantastic. So we joined the line, and enjoyed an artisan Mojito ice lolly in the meantime - I need to try and make this at home!

We chose the Beak, which was a bun with slow braised duck & pork, coriander, Vietnamese dressing and tempura shallots.

This was my favourite out of the lot.

We also snacked on some triple cooked fries that were pretty good - I mean, how can you go wrong with this golden crispiness?

For a little dessert, we went for two scoops of ice cream - Banana & Honeyed Cashew and Sea Salt Caramel from Sorbitium. The banana in particular was lovely.

A Sunday lunch well spent, in my opinion. Make sure to follow KERB on twitter, so you can keep up with where they're setting up next - they clearly know what good food is about. 

I think they are next around in King's Cross this Saturday, maybe you can fuel up there for an evening of World Cup watching (if you're that way inclined - I unashamedly am, even though I only watch football every 4 years)?


  1. I love this post. Mostly because I love Kerb too and went then and am totally planning on going on Saturday to stalk my favourites Kimchinary (I live for their pulled pork burritos), they also have two new traders on Saturday (falafel and hummus) which are two of my boyfriend's favourite things. Last time I went to Kerb King's Cross I had the mojito ice lolly too and made the same resolution to try and recreate it, I just need to buy lolly moulds and then I'm all over it. Alcoholic lollies have got to be the way to go this summer.

  2. A crab burger!? This looks amazing!!! I loved my first street food experience the other week in London. I'm hoping it becomes a thing in Norwich too :)

    Jenny | sunny sweet pea xx

  3. I agree with you! It looks good :]

  4. That crab burger looks amazing (as does everything else you've shown)!! I've tried both the Bill and the Beak, the former being the messier eat of the two - but both being delicious! :D

  5. I really love street food markets too, although always get too full before I've tried everything I want to!! We had a delicious soft shell crab burger at the new pub The Barge in Chiswick recently - what a revelation, it was SO good!

    Rosie xx

  6. Those fries look so good omg. Also I love that you call them ice lollies! Haha what a cute name. The mojito one sounds fantastic, I hope you make them at home and post the recipe ;]

  7. I have never heard of Kerb before. All the food looks so delicious, I understand how you had a hard time deciding what to get!! The duck and pork burger sounds amazing!

  8. I need to get out more - this looks amazing!
    My tummy is rumbling so much now! Definitely following them on twitter!
    - amyalaska x

  9. this looks amazing. i am so jealous!

  10. Great post! The Beak looks incredible, love the picture of the man making it! (Hooray for Asian street food!) Yet another Kerb item to add to my rapidly ballooning list (and stomach) - thanks!

    Tamsin xx | A Certain Adventure

  11. You and I should go to a food fair or something :')
    Lovelove streetfood! I'd love to try out almost everything
    here, except the (sadly) the duck braised burger since
    I'm a vegetarian xx

  12. Oh my God, thank you for the amazing food porn! Everything you ate would be exactly what I would go for. I have heard about Kerb and am super jealous can't go. Now I'm going to be dreaming about all that food all day! :)


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