royal china

22 February 2014

After a rather active morning, my mind was on one thing and one thing only: dim sum.

Knowing that they don't take reservations at lunchtime, we made our way to Royal China in Queensway, and arrived to a mass of people clutching what looked like raffle tickets. We quickly realised that it was the method to the madness for this queue of hungry people, and quickly got one ourselves.

We queued for an hour… what is it with me and being so determined to wait for my food lately? Well, if anything is a good cause, it's dim sum.

An hour of grumbling stomachs later (we killed time playing Trivial Pursuit on my phone, and I lost. I blame the hunger) -

Quite the feast.

From top to bottom: crispy duck rolls, pan fried gyoza, prawn cheung fun, crispy spiced turnip cakes, scallop dumplings, prawn and chive dumplings, pork and prawn siu mai, sticky rice in lotus leaf, steamed buns with char siu beef.

The service here is so fast, the food delicious and piping hot, and the dishes reasonably priced. It's one of my favourite places for comforting, no fuss dim sum, but maybe next time we won't go at peak time on a Sunday. Or at the very least, we'll play Trivial Pursuit while we queue again, and I will win.


  1. I have never had dim sum. I know, that's outrageous right? I don't even know why I haven't tried yet. Any recommendation for dim sum newbies?! xx

    1. what?! you absolutely have to! this place is a great one for beginners, because they have photos of all the dishes so you know what you're ordering! highly recommend it x

  2. i'm so jealous of that food right now! it all looks absolutely delicious!

    from helen at

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  3. This looks so delicious. Oh my goodness...

  4. me and yangkyu really need to go get dim sum. we haven't had it for years. there is a great place in dc.. next time we're out there we must go! and i love seeing ethnic food from all over the world. i always tell yangkyu how i would love to travel the world and go to korean restaurants in each of the different countries. i saw one in egypt and i was like.. what? i love that food is a universal language and something that brings people together.

  5. I've never had dim sum! I'll have to try it! I didn't even know what it looked like until this post haha I'm so ignorant. Thanks for the inspiration as per usual ;]


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