borough market

06 February 2014

To make his dinner, E knew exactly where he wanted to go to get top quality ingredients - Borough Market.

Neither of us had ever been before, which we had recently scolded for by our friends who love it there and go nearly every weekend.

The market itself is covered, which is a good thing in rainy London, and is heaven for foodies with pretty much anything you could want on offer, from the best parma ham to foie gras to live lobster. (All of which we bought for the meal.)

There is also a huge selection of cheeses (I'm still dreaming of the comté I tasted but sadly did not take home with me), and the most beautiful produce.

I also grabbed lunch there, a hot place of paella with seafood, chicken and chorizo - it hit the spot.

I refuelled from the shopping with a flat white from the famous Monmouth coffee - can you get a smoother coffee than this?

I should mention that although the market is wonderful, the goods they sell are not cheap. Not ridiculously expensive, but definitely not somewhere we would do our weekly shopping in. However, it is the perfect spot to pick up quality and rare ingredients for a special occasion.

Now that we know what it's like, I can see us popping in from time to time to satisfy our indulgent culinary needs!


  1. I have never been but these pictures are really making me want to go now! The juices! Cherries! That coffee!

  2. Oh man, this is truly my kind of markets, someone
    is having a great dinner tonight :P Mhmmm paella!
    Looks nice! Xx

  3. I LOVE Borough market.... But, there are so many lovely independent stores across London that sell the same produce cheaper and it really bugs me. In fact, nowadays, unless I've got friends visiting I hardly go there, and have tracked down the suppliers and order off them direct. Not such fun, but helps with the wallet!


  4. I love Borough Market. Not so easy on the pocket but great for sampling practically everything you can get your hands on! I always make a beeline for the fudge stand, and the guys selling the mushroom pate (who knew it'd be so tasty?!) And the Bleu de Gex cheese for a proper feast!

    Becks xo

  5. I live really close to Borough Market and I go to Fish! all the time but aside from that I've never been in the actual market bit. I might have to give it a go, especially for those lovely looking juices!

    Nicola //

  6. I love visiting markets even when I don't buy anything. The pictures are lovely, especially those with the mushrooms. They make me crave mushroom!
    Andreea |

  7. every time i see pictures of borough market i want to move to london!!! i've only been there once ever, but it's seriously one of the best places i visited while i was there. we don't have anything similar to it here in HK so i'm super jelly!! :) those juices, awww i want one now lol!

    rachel x

  8. Wow! I can't believe you have never been before!

    I always love going when I don't have anything else to do, the colours and food are amazing.

    Hmm maybe...

  9. These photographs are beautiful. I miss markets like this so much...the fresh cheese ahh! And that mountain of mushrooms is GORGEOUS. Definitely jealous of this experience. And the paella omg.

  10. i put my hand up, i haven't been to Borough Market in YEAAAAARS. Like a decade. Those yummy juices and cherries alone are worth a visit!


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