09 January 2014

If you find yourself frazzled after a shopping spree on Oxford Street/Carnaby Street/Regent/Regent Street, or if you've had a big lunch in Soho and need to digest with a cup of herbal tea, Yumchaa is a great place to get your breath back.

It's a small, cosy cafe, with a huge selection of lovely teas and delicious, homemade cakes, displayed temptingly as you choose your drink.

You can have a sniff around their selection of loose leaf teas that sit in these cute little labelled pots. They smell incredible and it makes it seriously difficult to choose your pick!

That afternoon however, I was in need of a good strong coffee, so I opted for a double espresso which was pretty good. Of course, we didn't pass up the cakes! My chocolate velvet cake was spot on, and E loved his banana & nutella loaf.

I couldn't walk away without buying a bag of one of their teas, so I picked the beautifully scented Japanese cherry garden tea.

I have tried it, and I have to say, it's love. Just perfect brewed in my beloved glass teapot. I will definitely be trying more of their teas when I am next in the neighbourhood, possibly the Mango Sunrise that my friend raves about.

You can also buy their teas online! Dangerous.

If you need a moment of respite after rummaging through the post-Christmas sales, you know where to go.


  1. I walk past this place a lot and always wonder about it, it looks so lovely I will make sure I go in now! x

  2. So much choice of tea - amazing! The chocolate velvet cake looks particularly good - what sort of icing was on the top?

    B xx

  3. Noted! If we get orders to The U.K I'll make sure to go there! But will it be like a Bull in a China shop with my toddler?

  4. Mhmm this place is my cup of tea c: The
    red velvet cake and slice of banana &
    nutella loaf sounds and looks yum! A bit
    bummer they use plastic cutlery tho.
    Anyway nice pictures! Xx

  5. i agree with ice pandora. this place is my cup of tea too!

  6. I feel like I've walked past a lot but never gone inside…which is surprising as I'm a sucker for all things tea! Definitely gonna check it out (I'm resisting clicking the link to their online shop…for now…)

    Rachel [at] AMomentInTime.


  7. WHAAAAT you can smell them all before you pick!? I know tea isn't really an American thing as it is English so maybe it makes sense that I've never seen anything like this but I am so jealous! I LOVE tea and it's literally so hard to choose when you're just looking at names and trying to imagine what they'll be like...those little jars are so cute and that's such a good idea! And I'm the same...sometimes you just can't leave a shop without buying something, especially when the packaging is THAT cute!

  8. This looks great! Adding this to my to-do list :) I'm always looking for a cosy cafe after shopping on oxford street. It's manic every. single. time. xx

  9. i've spotted stephen fry in here twice!

  10. sounds like my cup of tea! Banana cake & nutella sounds lovely!!

  11. I do love a good cosy tea shop that has yummy looking cake! Perfect way to spend a little part of your day <3

    Jennie xo | sailorjennie.com

  12. This place looks absolutely perfect - right up my street and I will HAVE to go when I am next in London. Thank you for blogging about it! <3

  13. It's funny as I've been looking up coffee shops in London recently. I must check this out, if not for anything else but that Banana and Nutella Loaf!
    Heroine In Heels

  14. Yumchaa is definitely one of my favourite places to kick back with a tea, and maybe a cake - or two!

  15. I went to the one in Camden today! I came across it quite by chance, then realised I recognised the name from your post. I am its biggest newest fan - so cosy and calming and SUCH great tea! xx


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