21 January 2014

Chain restaurants can get mixed reputations in London, but there are definitely a few that manage to boast the personality and quality of a one-of-a-kind place.

I hadn't tried Bill's before, despite it rapidly popping up on every corner of the city. They just landed in my area, so last weekend we promptly went over for an indulgent breakfast.

There is something so luxurious about going out for breakfast, probably because it's very rare (at least for me). Perfect for a Sunday morning!

The place has a relaxed, diner slash delicatessen vibe, and they also had the tiniest salt & pepper shakers known to man.

Since I was feeling that familiar dread of a cold coming on, I ordered a carrot, orange & ginger juice to kick my immune system into gear. Very fresh, though I could have had even more ginger to spice it up a little.

Quite predictably, I chose the Eggs Royale (I am crazy about smoked salmon), and E chose the Bill's breakfast. We clearly weren't going the healthy route…

My eggs were poached to perfection which, as we all know, is no easy feat. E was very happy with his breakfast as well (neither of us knew what bubble & squeak was until we looked it up when we saw it on the menu. how did that weird name come about?), and raved especially about the mushrooms.

Their large selection of desserts definitely did not escape our eyes - we (or rather, I) went for the lemon drizzle cake, and it was one of the best I've had.

Topped with a big dollop of mascarpone, I was full to the brim and rolled myself home.

I've heard only good things about their lunch and dinner menus, so I hope that one of these days we will be popping in again to try out their other dishes - so far, so delicious.


  1. I LOVE Bill's! I have visited the one in Covent Garden as well as the one in Cardiff and both times have been amazing. They do yummy fish finger sandwiches! So jealous that you went there for breakfast. It reminds me of a place called The Tavern in Cheltenham (I reviewed it a few months ago on my blog) and their breakfast is stunning also. I really must go out for brunch soon as it has been far too long!
    N xo

  2. I love bills! The decor is perfection and there is wonderful one in brighton with great memories x

  3. Your blog is bad for my diet x

  4. Oh my goodness, I need to go here one day! <3

    Jennie xo |

  5. Bill's is my absolute favourite! I love the vibe there, and like you say how even though it's become quite a big chain it still feels like it has a 'personality'. I've only tried their dinners, I love the burgers and they do an amazing raspberry, peach & mango juice. Reading this has made me really crave it! xx

  6. I took a free day tomorrow simply because I felt I really need it and I know perfectly what do u mean with 'There is something so luxurious about going out for breakfast'. In the same way there is something luxurious about having free day in the middle of the working week. Love this both kind of treats:) Love the look of the place, it looks cosy and like one big family eating/chatting/relaxing place. I'm glad u enjoyed:) x

  7. I agree about chain restaurants as there are
    ups and downs. Never had Bill's before but
    I'd love to go there once c:
    I love runny egg. You can make my day
    with runny eggs, so I'm glad that the egg
    was poached to perfection! Xx

  8. I am such a big bubble & squeak fan! Bill's is also lovely for dinner...they have the nicest mezze (which I, at least, didn't expect from a Britishy type chain...but sooo good!)

  9. I'm sitting here drooling over your eggs. These look good and I'm hungry! You always find the best places :) x

  10. This all looks so delicious! I desperately want to try Bills but the nearest one is a long journey away, so instead I grabbed the recipe book last week. I can't wait to try and get some of the Bill's experience at home :) xx

  11. This looks amazing, as always! I LOVE going out for breakfast, it's always so quaint if that makes sense. I don't's just such a cute date to me in the morning sun getting all dressed up but with a fresher feeling than in the night. Anyways. The carrot/orange/ginger juice sounds DIVINE. I need some in my life! I love ginger too...going out to sushi I collect the ginger from everyone's plates because I'm the only one that eats it haha.


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