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24 August 2015

Lovely readers, 

Although the domain URL for my blog is staying the same - www.wandertowonder.com - my site is now on SquareSpace, and therefore the RSS feed has changed. If you read my blog through FeedBurner, Feedly or any other RSS-related platforms, this is my new feed URL that you can input to stay updated and be alerted of new posts:


I have not quite yet figured out how to update my Bloglovin' so that my posts are published on that feed as usual, so if you normally use BL to catch up my posts, it might be worth giving my Facebook page a "like" - that way, any new posts on WTW will appear on your newsfeed. 

Of course, liking pages on FB is not for everyone, so you can subscribe by email or simply bookmark Wander to Wonder and check back when you feel like it.

Thank you and see you over on the new site!

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