08 November 2014

I knew of Abeno for a long time, a place that specialises in Okonomiyaki. I hadn't had it since New Year's Eve last year, so I was pretty excited when I had a girls dinner date there with M and S - I love when friends are adventurous eaters and are willing to try different things!

Okonomiyaki is a Japanese dish that is more commonly known as a semi-junk food. Made out of a basic batter of egg, cabbage and flour, it's kind of a savoury pancake - that you can stuff with whatever you like. Okonomi literally means "what you like", so you can really make it the way you want it.

At Abeno, they give you a wide selection of toppings, and they cook it right in front of you on the teppan. We chose to have a few pan-fried gyozas to share, and then followed up with the large sizes of the Osaka and Tokyo mix Okonomiyaki - one was with prawn, squid and pork, and the other with kimchi in place of the squid. The pork is cooked and then pan-friend on top of the pancake, all crispy and delicious.

They are topped with a special sauce, mayonnaise (Japanese mayonnaise - it's very different, far better in my opinion!), katsuobushi (fish flakes) and aonori (green seaweed flakes). They may look a little strange, but trust me, they are so good. 

Abeno has two branches, one near Holborn with tables (the one we went to), and one by Leicester Square where you can dine on counter seats. If you are up for something a little different, Okonomiyaki is a crowd pleaser - I've never met anyone who doesn't like it, non-Japanese included! - and it's a fun experience, too. 

And don't be shy on the sauce and mayo, it's "junk" food after all! 

You can see the menu and more details on Zomato


  1. I'd never heard of these before, they look so tasty!!
    Lots of love,
    SilverSpoon London

  2. Ooh they look delicious. I like the idea of the cabbage in the batter - cabbage gets so much stick but I really love it!

  3. I've never heard of this place before but the pictures make the food look incredible! x

  4. I've never heard of them but they look so delicious! Definitely going to have to try this place x

  5. I love Okonomiyaki!!! We had some when we were in Osaka, Japan and it was delicious!

  6. I love Abeno! Used to go there all the time when I studied at SOAS. Okonomiyaki is one of my favourite things. Yum, I'll have to go back there soon....Thanks for reminding me of a great place! xx

  7. I love the idea of Japanese 'junk food'! I've got friends coming down in a few weeks and was trying to think of somewhere different to take them - this might just be the place!

  8. YUMMY!!! Those looks so damn good, I love how they were soooo filled with yummy goodness and not so much batter! I loved interactive meals like this!

  9. i wish they had a place like this here where i am! love okonomiyaki and takoyaki! :)

  10. This doesn't look strange at all...it looks beyond delicious. And don't worry, I would skimp on the mayo/sauces haha ;]


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