12 October 2013

Last week, after a pretty efficient trip to Ikea, we went on a spontaneous double date dinner with our friends C & J. C and I had definitely worked up our appetites in that maze of a place, and although the boys didn't come with us they were very much ready for dinner. Aren't they always?

It seems that so far on the blog, we like to enjoy Asian cuisine when we're with these two, like the Busaba lunch and the Japanese Shabu Shabu. And the pattern continues - we chose to eat at Tosa, recommended by C & J themselves, who we always trust when it comes to food.

Tosa is probably one of the places in London that I've enjoyed some of the best authentic Japanese cuisine. None of it is fancy - the interior decor, the food, the atmosphere - but that's not really what I look for when I eat this kind of meal.

Here are the dishes that we tried:

cucumber & seaweed salad with ginger

takoyaki (or "octopus balls" -
it sounds so very wrong, but it's like little savoury pancake balls
filled with delicious things including octopus. does that sound better?)

maguro tuna with natto (fermented soybeans). 
the boys didn't dare touch this but us girls loved it.

E's favourite - chicken karaage (Japanese style fried chicken)

chicken toriyaki & quail eggs

tuna & eel sushi maki rolls

prawn tempura roll

chicken wings

pork with shiso (taro) leaves

grilled shishamo fish (no idea what that is in English!)

not for the faint hearted - fish head

californian roll (ok, totally not authentic but it's nice.)

duck breast & leek

It was quite the feast, as some of these dishes were ordered x 2. Considering the amount of food we ate and the typical daylight robbery that occur in London Japanese cuisine restaurants, the price was fairly reasonable. They have a 12% discount on cash payments, so with that included we paid about 20 pounds per head. Not the cheapest, but not terrible either.

We went to the Hammersmith branch, but they also have one in East Finchley. It's definitely worth checking out if you're after down to earth Japanese food, not fusion, panasian or fancy sushi.

We had a delicious and hilarious evening, as always, talking about C's newfound love for ironing and my general incompetence at such activities, amongst other things.

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  1. Maybe only with a help of encyclopedia;-) I was hoping till the end of the post that I would be familiar with any meal, and nothing (I don't count in chicken wings):)

    1. haha well that's the fun of delving into unfamiliar cuisine! x

  2. the food looks delicious!

    xx Mounia

  3. Wow, the food looks amazing! I'm now craving sushi big time! I think I'll have to make some at some point this week <3

    Jennie xo |

  4. That fish head...omg how. Haha. But seriously this looks amazinggggg, I can't read your blog without wishing I was in London! Stop torturing me!! Jk I love your blog! :] Also I can't imagine an efficient trip to Ikea haha. It's the most distracting store ever.

  5. This looks good! This reminds me of a Vietnamese place in Camden that's like this, not fussy, just good simple food.

    That's an amazing discount for cash payment, I'm trying to get M into more Japanese/Asian food at the moment, so I'll definitely be suggesting here.

    Hmm maybe...


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